Sunday, June 24, 2012

Where Have All The Dons Gone?

Our competent cops decided to carry out them raids on them houses of 64 dons in the valley rey. The police wallahs from Hanumandhoka were pissed when their superiors told them to start running around Kathmandu at 4 am in the morning... tyo pani Saanibaar bihanuh! If they had at least received the memo a day earlier then they wouldn't have spent Friday night drinking ni!

Poor police wallahs... they failed to nab any of them dons... I guess our dons received them 'missed calls' from the hawaldars at Hanumandhoka hola ni! Our cops have graded them criminals rey. I guess it's like them Shree Tin days... when they had the 'A', 'B' , 'C' and even 'D' classes!

We have dons like Deepak Manange dai, Milan Chakre, Baghe, Ghaite, Chari , Sipahi ..... etiyaadi! Chakre dai is in Central Jail.... but I hear they did ransack his brother's house but found only mula ko achar and gundruk rey! 

The only so-called Don saheb who wasn't troubled by our cops chahi... hamro Ganesh Lama dai from Kavre. Lama started out working at them front desk of a hotel in Thamel. While other Kavrelis had muscles, he had a little bit more dimag pani. They boys from Kavre started out as bouncers at them clubs run by Deepak dai. They then started their own loansharking racket and got into them 'dance bar' business. Tyes pachi tuh mala-maal!

Why was every other don targeted except our Ganesh dai? Well, he happens to be a close friend of our Home Minister, Bijay Kumar Guccha-dar! The boy from Kavre is also a central committee member of Guccha-dar's Madhesi party. He now owns an 'A' class construction company, financial institutions and what not! Tyo Koteshwor-Bhaktapur ko bato sabai Ganesh dai lay payeko ho .. sabai thekka-patta ko kaam!

And Ganesh dai doesn't stay at home .... he just hangs out at the Home Ministry rey. I feel sorry for our cops ....sometimes! Them most wanted criminals are walking around freely, hanging out with the Home Minister and our cops have no choice but to shut up and put up with it kya. If Ramesh Kharel had his way then he would probably give a flank kick to Guccha-dar and throw the guy in jail!

Our Home Minister has transferred them cops who act tough against them gundas and he promotes his own chamchas or whoever can pay him Rs 50 lakhs. Yes, if you are an SSP then you will have to pay our Homie... 50 laaakhs... if you want to be a DIG! The going rate for 'IGP' ko laagi is like 6-7 crores kyaaruh.

Our current IGP got lucky. He didn't have to pay a penny because the previous IGP was out the door due to them Sudan scam! But the next guy will have to get some cash or else he will have to go home! Yestai cha yeha ko chalan!

Baburam dai must be enjoying them beaches in Brazil. He should also meet Pele hola.... but our PM looks like he's more into chess. What is Hisila didi doing there? She must be enjoying them Caipirinhas ... hehe! Anyways, Baburam met the Aussie PM-ni and she has promised to throw us a couple of  Aussie dollars rey. Yes... good... kasta neta haroo... bhig mageruh pani danga parney!

Anyways, our dons were all out of the valley when our cops raided them homes! Our cops know where our gundas hang out.... because if they didn't then how the hell would they collect them hafta ni?

Our dons extort money from them byaparis. Our cops collect haftas from them dons and our netas get chiya kharcha and more from them cops whenever they need a promotion or saruwa to them ghoos khaa-naw pauney thau sau... hehe.... Yestai ho... Cycle of Corruption bhanya! Kay garney.... naya Nepal ma... we have to be more scared of them cops than chors!

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