Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Clean It Up...

All the so-called Eco-Friendly people are celebrating 'World Environment Day' .... and as usual, hamro desh ma, we have them cycle rallies, walking around the city and making our students carry them placards and shout slogans kyaaruh.

Our government spends millions of Rupees and them INGOs spend some more... baroo sabai tyo paisa save garey ruh Bagmati nai safa garey kaso hola? Everybody wants to do them public awareness campaigns.... and so far it has failed .... fohor bato ma faal-nuh chodya chaina kyaaruh!

Lalitpur ma tuh jhan aajuh bihanai traffic jam! All them students were busy ... and our Vice-President ... the Hindi-speaking Parmoo uncle was in his SUV as our traffic-police wallah in their 1920-ko-goggles stopped the bike-wallahs from crashing into the VP's entourage!

Let us all thank the Australian Embassy for giving our 1,200 traffic wallahs them Mad-Max goggles! Baroo dinoo nai cha bhaney, sabai lai gas mask diye hooncha ni! Yes, them dhuwa suwa makes our traffic wallahs' eyes watery but since nearly half of them breathalyzers don't work anymore... our whistle-blowers will now have to go back to nose-to-mouth checking feri!

Okay, let's get back to the 'Environment' story.... When we were kids, we used to organize them cycle rallies, walkathons and what not... and it's the same natak even today! At least, tyeti bela bihanuh 7 bajey cycle rally garda .... motor sotor tyeti hoodai nuh thiyo ni... and we used to organize most of the stuff on Saturdays nai!

The local fohor-maila company organized a clean up program in my tole sole last Saturday... to celebrate 'Biswa Batawaran Diwas' .... them folks had invited Lalitpur ko CDO, SSP and the government guy who is the pramukh of the municipality... we really do need them local elections and Mayors and Mayor-nis kya!

The program was supposed to start from 6:30 am and end at 8:00am. The local sanitation company used to help me organize them monthly clean up programs in my tole sole a few years ago. I thought it was just another, grab a broom, wear them gloves and mask and clean up the neighborhood thing...  but the sanitation wallahs ko arkai natak rahecha.

The program started at 7:24 am.... the speeches went on and on... it was the same natak... the SSP (Policewallah) promised to arrest folks who go around dumping them trash srash bato ma. The municipality wallah also promised to take action against them fohor-fyakneys and the CDO even promised to start throwing all them fohor-fyakney in jail! Sabai fokatey ko bhasan.... nai tuh ho ni!

Then our three Lalitpur ka sarkari big-wigs did a minute of koo-cho law-gaa-ing and they ran off! And as usual, we were the ones cleaning up the place with the help of 72 police wallahs. Then we had some Coke Fanta (yes naasta-saasta pani cha-hincha Nepal ma!) and the police wallahs took all the brooms and started running back to the station.

Hamra competent cops haroo ko haa-lawt ... they have to work without resources... maybe that's why they had to steal the fohor-maila company ko brooms to clean up their place. One of the hawaldar was even trying to take a doko pani. So, I asked the hawaldaar... 'Kay ho, koo-cho tuh sabai liyeruh gayo abuh doko pani cha-hincha police station ma?'... the Hawaldar threw the doko ... gave me the 'Talai pawkh!' stare and went back.

And today, jasta ko tyestai .. sabai bato ko cheu ma sabai fohor-sohor... then I remembered what our CDO saheb, the SSP and the municipality wallah said at them program on Saturday. We do have laws saws rey.... yes, you can get thrown in jail and have to pay fines from 500 to 5,000 pani. Maybe it's the same stuff like them 'no smoking in public places' natak!

I think our municipality wallahs should focus on them fohor-sohor instead of just chasing away the vendors and making some dough by ko-chaa-ing them illegally parked bikes into them municipality trucks!

Dr. Saheb got a 'Jomsom' bike from them 'Chain' wallahs today. Like the Mustang ride, it is 'Assembled in Nepal' ... hehe! Mustang chai India baatuh ayo... tyo 'Jomsom' bike chahi China batuh! We do love our neighbors.... and we are happy to send our hard earned money to our chimekis.. Apples haroo sabai China batuh ani Khasi sabai Desi haroo batuh.. Jai Hos!

I used to be a 'big 'Greenpeace wallah once.... when I was like 13.... my uncle had given me US$ 10 .... and instead of spending it on some prasad from some Jogi, I decided to send the money to Greenpeace.. khaam ma haaley ani uni haroo lai chitti lekhey.. They did send me a newsletter once! And that was it... or else I would be hanging outside them nuclear reactors with them big-arse banners hola ni!

Abu arko barsa chai.. please don't walk around once a year and screw up the morning traffic... baroo ... safa garney ni afno tole sole.. harek hafta.... ani fohor-fyakney lai fohor ko mala laga-diney ni ki kaso?

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  1. totally agree. i didn't know what was happening yesterday! i think i saw some students holding placards that read 'real men don't rape' and stuff like that ... i guess yesterday was a 'happening day'. about cleanliness of this city... i really don't see that happening anytime soon, there's a loooooooooong way to go, we don't have any civic sense here! so all this stuff - i really don't know if its going to help at all. sadness.