Sunday, November 7, 2010

Happy Bhai-Tika!

Malai Dashain bhanda pani Tihar mun parcha! Dashain is all about 'sacrifices' .... animals only... aroo kura maa tuh kaha ko sacrifice garcha ruh hami Nepali haroo lay!

While our leaders have fun, majority of our folks have to borrow money to have a 'good' Dashain! No, I am not talking about them 1% of the population with them houses in Kathmandu or aroo so-called metropolitan cities (heheh!)!

Hamra Gau ka daju bhai, didi bahini haroo lay sahuji sanga 36% byaaz ma paisa liyeruh Dashain manaun-chan! I have no idea who came up with the idea that we need to buy 'new clothes', eat all kinds of 'masu', play juwa-taas and drink like the world will end tomorrow!

Whereas Tihar is all about colors, lights and kukur-gai-Laxmi-bhai pujas! We have Kukur-Tihar because we love dogs. We have Gai-Tihar because we love them 'Holy' Cows.. We have Laxmi-Puja because all 'Laxmis' are pretty! hehehe... or we all want to be rich like Richie Rich! And the best thing about Tihar is Bhai-Tika...

According to Hindu mythology, the festival is observed in memory of Yamraj, the god of death and his sister Yamuna. Hindu epics say, tired of her brother's busy schedule Yamuna invited her brother Yamraj to her place and gave her special treatment by providing Tika, special food and gifts. Hey, at least Yamraj gets a break on this day!

Aroo bela chahi ki Yamraj lai gaali ki chahi Yamraj lai special niman-tra-na patha-ee-incha! Hope all of you had a wonderful Tihar and please check your BP CP stuff as well.. tunnuh maasooo, jaaad saad dun-kaa-ye pachi body sody pani tuh over-time ma chali raheko hola ni.

And after Tihar, I always think of going Veggie ... heheh!

And our prayers to the family of them 'FishTail Air' ko crew members... It's sad to hear such news during them festival ko tyam! And Yeti Airlines ko tyre puncture bhayo rey Pokhara maa...

I am flying back to Kathmandu from Pokhara tomorrow... hope they have fixed them tyres, taal-tool bhaye pani pugcha yaar! Afno tyam ayecha bhaney Yamraj sanguh 'marriage' kheeloom-laa... hoina bhaney feri guff choot-oom-la ni!

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