Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Desi Prime Monster!

I always thought them Desi newspapers were good @ Bollywood stories but this one is even better! 'Ethnic Indian Madhav Nepal May Become Next PM' ... yes finally hamro desh ma, we are getting a Desi PM!

I guess it's about time... after all our netas speak better Hindi then Govinda and are always happy to get @#$!ed by Desi Bhais! The Indian patrakars are saying 'Makune is an Indian' and that's probably true!

After all, our 'poorkhas' either came from the land of the rotis or the land of the noodles! Either we look like Indians or Chinese .... so we all have some Imli-ka-achar or Soya-sauce somewhere in our system!

I have stopped believing in that fokate ko 'aba ta ramro huncha desh' dream. After all joon chor aa-ay pani tyati nai fohor! Tara Makune chor PM bhayo bhaney, hamro desh tuh joke hooncha!

This is the guy who lost from both Gau and Sahar. The people of Kathmandu didn't believe him and his Gauley brothers didn't want him either but I guess, this is Nepalese politics... where you don't have to win janata ko biswas to be the Prime Monster!

Bam Dev pani haryo tara he became the Deputy Prime Monster. And instead of opening the 'bandas', he was busy closing down KTM ko nite-life! And now Makune wants to lead us to .... I don't know where but it doesn't look good!

If UML really wants to be the rickshaw driver then Sahana Pradhan should be the next PM! She would have been the first 'Naari' President but thanks to our UML arseholes ... it was either Makune or koi-pani-na-hune!

And now it's the same story, it's either Makune or ... they will do a Andolan in Tinkune!

Our leaders talk about democracy and equal rights but afnai party bhitra chai, it's more like 'Them-so-crazy' therefore it's either my way or the 'always banda' highway!

Sisters, brothers who act like sisters and all of us should get together for a pot luck dinner or something @ Tundhikhel and do some BBQ (at least we will be burning something!) and sing some songs... please 'Desi gurl' chai na-gau hai!

For what? For an 'all-women' government! Sahana, Hisila, Pampha, Bidya and we can also invite Arzoo, Bandana and timro bhauju, mero maiju, usko saasu ... to form a new government and save us all!

If women can work together and climb Everest then I think they are capable of getting us all out of this mess!

What about the men? Bau ko jagga pani pau-nay, swasni ko dai-jo pani liney, ani ajai badi halla garney, bekoof!

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