Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Child Labor!

The 'Tibetan' restaurant in my neighborhood is 'famous' for its momo, Chow Mein, Thukpa and tato-tato soup. The price is reasonable and the food is 'ajina-moto' value added stuff.

MSG does make your food testy! First it tests your taste buds and then it will test your digestive system!

The owner, an Amriki Green Card Holder decided to come back and throw his G-card in the Baagmati River! His restaurant sells 30,000 Rupees ko khana in a day! His profit is like 50%. He is making 72,000 US$ a year, tyo pani tax free... ani kay khana amrika ma basney!

I am happy for him and his family! But his employees are all 11 year olds from Pharping! And majority of the folks who visit his place for their 'afternoon' khaja are them 'we will save Nepal' NGO/INGO mancheys!

I have nothing against our Sahuji but I have asked him to send his employees to morning school so that at least they can learn their 'ABCs' and maybe sing that 'MJ' song as well!

I was having my usual 'Ek plate' momo and '1/2 plate chow mein'. Mero table ko najikai were them NGO-types talking about child labor and stuff!

Our 'ghajini' bhai (he's happy with his 'Aamir Khan' hair-cut!) was serving them. This guy asked for a 'tato' FANTA and our poor lad gave him a 'Chiso' FANTA! The guy got pissed and gave our 'Ghanjini' a lecture on customer service!

WTF? You want customer service @ a place where momo cost less than 50 Rupees! Five Star Hotel maa ta service chaina, saaley Bajiya!

I told our 'bhai' to take that 'FANTA' and then boil it and then serve him a 'Tato' FANTA! The NGO guy wanted to pick a fight with me!

Fool! This is my neighborhood. He musn't have heard the saying... "Afno tole maa ta syaal pani baag huncha!" So that means, I am a 'baag' in my tole as well!

"Tero NGO lay yo keta haru lai lagera padai-diya huncha ni... talai service chainay bhaye... Garden of Dreams ma jaa na bekoof... badi hero na-bun natra pheri bholi office ta yahi auna parcha... tero jaagir khana pani paudai-nash, ani yo momo ta khaya ko khaya ho.... saaley!"

Okay, it all started with a 'Tato' Fanta and nearly accelerated into a Tornado! I should have just enjoyed my momo and let that SOB be a hero or something!

Yestai ho yeha ko chalan! We like to pick on small people. KTM is full of Goliaths... David has moved out of the country becoz his 'goo-lay-lee' is useless! Hope David makes enough money to buy a bazooka!

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  1. goes to show that Neps learn nothing living abroad whether they have earned enough credit to get a green card ... I guess, his explation would be, he is helping the poor kid..