Wednesday, April 1, 2009

God save the King!

Prachandu Uncle is in Norway. And so is our 'Crown Prince' Prakash 'Drunken Master' Dahal, the so-called 'Computer Operator'... And what's up with our former Crown Prince, Paras 'Drunken Guru' ... is he drinking too much Singapore Sling these days?

According to Paras bro, Dippy killed his whole family because a) he wanted to make $$ from them arms deal during the so-called 'Civil War' days! b) he wasn't happy with multi-party democracy c) he wasn't happy with his family being unhappy about his mayalu, Devyani nani! and d) all of the above!

And the reason Paras left for Singapore was because of his Dad! If only our 'Royals' had visited them Shrinks and popped Prozac then folks would have died from heart diseases than from automatic firearms! And has a story about some Singaporean Lady and her plans to bring back the Maoists and the Monarchy together!

Maybe we should send her to Afghanistan... why not try bringing Obama and Osama together! That would be much easier than Nepali Politics!

India wants to sell 500MW bijuli to Nepal. Our NEA folks are like 'No thanks!'... and now India wants to sell only 200MW and our NEA folks are busy trying to figure out how much dough they can make on this deal! And if you want to be the next MD of NEA then the market price right now is 8 crores!

FCP Paras Shah wants to come back to Nepal (someday?) and start his own political party. What will it be called? The House of Gorkhas, SRT (Shah-Ranas-Thakuris), Paras & the Budas (Budhalinkantha School?)... I don't know... but if you really want to get ziggy wiggy with the blue bloods then you better join this party.

I don't know if this is an April Fool's Joke... looks like one but I think we should all get ready for 2020! Prakash vs Paras... cage-match WWF style? Hope they won't be dead by then... from Chopped Liver and Fatty Heart!

P.S. We don't care who governs us... after all, we (the people) are the 'private' servants and we serve our 'public' (politicians) masters! Yesterday it was Gyanu Uncle, today it's Prachandu Uncle... tomorrow Rajnikant?

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  1. Ha ha ha! Nice one! That Prakash vs Paras match is going to be very interesting:)