Sunday, April 5, 2009

Doing Nothing!

Mr. PM is back after hanging out with our Scandinavian friends. Our leaders brag about how much aid they bring back. I guess they are no different than our beggars in KTM.

At least the beggars will feed their families but our leaders and their cronies will only feed themselves! Don't be surprised if our sarkari folks build bridges even where there are no rivers! After all... we have to show our 'friends' where we spent their dough!

This 'hydropower' natak has been going on for the last 50 years and nothing much will happen in the next 50 years... then we can celebrate '100 years' of 'nothing happening' ... we will celebrate it by doing nothing!

It's not that our bideshi friends don't want to throw us few pennies but our local baasis are now busy asking for donations from everybody except the government.

If you want to build new roads in remote villages (with your own money!) then be prepared to be swarmed by villagers asking you to pay the 'we live here , so you better cough up some money, m@#$f@#$er' tax!

If you don't then you better get ready to be pelted by stones and what not! It's the same thing with hydropower projects. Nobody is going to risk their billions in a country where three men can disrupt a highway, close down factories and prevent our Scandinavian friends from making more billions!

The Bideshis will make billions, our netas will make millions and we have to make ourselves happy with stale-onions

The government is planning to arrest our so-called 'bank loan' defaulters. Yes, yes... we have heard it before! Take away their passports. No problem... they will get a new one. Freeze their bank accounts? Ha ! Ha! Only small people like us have bank accounts. These 'smart' folks own the banks!

Halla is... tomorrow is Nepal Bandh! Some say it's the Sukumbasis or the Maoist Victims or Matrika or some other left-wing parties! God Knows.... I (we) want to break free!

Prachandu will be eating 'Chicken Fly Lie' next month. He will be in China learning tai-chi from the Chinese. And our madeshi brother, the Foreign Minister will be getting some 'oriental' massage as he runs around ASEAN countries this week.

Life is beautiful for our netas... for the rest of us, life goes on!

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