Friday, April 24, 2009

Loktantra Diwas!

Happy Loktantra Diwas to all our Desh-Premi folks! Well, Our Chief Saheb is drinking wine while the Maobaddies are trying to figure out why their 'so-called' game plans are not working! And our other parties are busy kissing India's arse and going along with the flow!

And our lover-boy Kishunji is finally climbing the stairway to heaven! Yes, I am a rude jackass but when it's time to go... it's time to go and thanks Kishunji for all your nautanki nataks. Na ta Melamchi ko paani khana payo na Singapore nai bhayo! But at least, you got a better deal than rest of us , old man.... free housing, medical benefits and a masti with a younger hasti!

ANA Model Hunt 2009! Is this kind of a jungle safari thing where u go hunting for models? I guess we all want to be Super-Maadals ... be it Nepal or Amrika! ANA used to be a place where u drank, hit each other with a bottle of Heineken , played soccer as if it was the World Cup and party all night!

I guess the tide has changed... now it's about beauty contests? And what's up with 'phone' auditions... I don't know who came up with this idea but how do you judge... I mean, the one with the 'sexy' voice gets to the next round or do you want a 'husky' one like Kathleen Turner?

Anyways, good luck to all the ladies and ledas. Happy Hunting! And Good luck to Mr. and Ms. Tasvir-Priya? And I thought Darjeeling folks were hardcore-nepali language fanatics ... maybe they have all moved to Amrika! But whoever came up with the idea of 'Tasvir-Priya' titles must be deported or elected as the new President of the 'NRN' sanghathan!

Okay, I don't want to piss our Dazzy bros and sis because nearly all of them are doing great in KTM! 99% of them are employed, make more than 25,000 Rupees a month and 50% are musicians, RJs and them media-ma-kaam garney while the other 49% are getting ziggy with NGOs, INGOs jobs!

What about the 1%... well, we all have our lazy bums, don't we?

And our Tharu brothers are splitting.... it's the same old story. Team 'A' wants to shut down Madesh forever and show us their 'Laathi' skills but the 'B' Team is like... 'Man, we can make more money if we follow the 'Mao' formula!' , Yes... let's boot & loot and shoot some folks!

This is 'Halla -eye- Halla' ko desh. Our patrakar folks are now going around town talking about 'military coup' and the Maobadis are talking about the 'final showdown' and our foreign agents are talking about 'What's wrong with these Nepalese taukeys... why do they always fight with each other?'


  1. There you go, you are now followed..glad i can be in touch with some nep-ish reality wrapped in humor. And in this overburdened semester of writing papers i am glad your blog invited some relief and smiles... Thanks!!

    P.S: You have my besties for the suitable "gurl" hunt, forge ahead,,, you wont know who is taken and who isn't untill you try...haha