Monday, April 13, 2009

Empty Promises!

Our daily papers are plastered with ads from raksi companies... promoting the 'New Year's Eve' parties as if we are all making loads of money. We are Nepalese, it doesn't matter if we are completely broke ... we will keep on partying as if the Sultan of Brunei is our Thulo Bau!

So are we better off than we were a year ago? We should ask this question to our political leaders! Them politicians in foreign lands do make crazy promises but once they get elected... they are stressed out and get older and tired because they can't deliver.

And what about our leaders? It's just the opposite. Our leaders are all stressed out before the election but if they are lucky enough to get elected (even after promising us the moon!) then they become young, wild and crazy.

It must be like that guy in 'The curious case of Benjamin Button' for our leaders! And by the time Obama leaves office, he will leave with all grey hair... but our netas look happier, richer and something in our KTM's water which makes their waistlines expand. And this all happens while they are in office!

We have given our leaders a simple task. Just work together and write a good constitution. But our politicians are behaving as if we have given them boxing gloves to put on a show or something!

Finance Minister BRB is acting like them Amriki hip-hop stars, bringing out a diss record against the Supreme Court. The tape is titled 'Jail us if you can'.... I don't understand why our Maobaddie ministers are suffering from multiple personality disorders.

Sometimes, they act like they are in the opposition and when they have finished eating lunch, then they act like they want to be treated as if they are not a government with power!

When our Desi bhais gave our CA members Indian buses, the public was like 'Burn them' ... our leaders have decided to park it somewhere inside the CA building. But why didn't we get pissed off when the same Desis gave us 'Electronic Voting' machines during the recent by-elections?

One year... and the Maobadis have failed to deliver... but the question is , Rana-Panchey-Kangress lay kay nai deliver garyo ruh? Our job is to keep our mouth shut, endure the 'whatever' shortages we face and party as if it's 1999!

And if our leaders keep on fighting like local goondas then we won't have any constitution at all. But who the @#$! needs a constitution? I don't, do you?

This is Nepal. Everything looks good on paper but .... you know the story!

Happy New Year 2066! Yes, we are (57) years ahead in ... making empty promises!

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