Sunday, March 29, 2009

Enemy @ the Gate!

Went to Pashupati today... and handed Rs 101 to the pujari. The holy priest put the money in his shirt pocket. I hope Lord Shiva gets a piece of the pie! Got tika on my forehead from an one-armed Baa-jey. I hope God is watching...

For ordinary folks like us, we have to park our vehicles few hundred meters away from the main gate but if you are a Minister then you can break all the rules and drive straight to heaven!

The Cops were busy saluting the minister's wife. Yes, in Nepal... You have to make the Mantri-ni happy or else your work (whatever it may be) won't get done!

Our ministers have lotsa free time. At 11 in the morning, when one should be busy in his ministry, the Hon'ble minister and his family is visiting the Holy Temple! I don't know what our ministers are up to but they are busy with paath-pujas! Jai Ho!

National Games coming soon... I think we should ask our Youth Force, the YCDL and other 'political' gangsters to decide their fate by playing a game of football. The winner takes all the government contracts and the losers will have to make tea and samosa and feed the street children until the next National Games!

Went to saathi ko baccha ko pasni. Where does all the money come from? When this kid turns 16 then her parents will probably invite the whole 'Empire Circus' crew from India and maybe spend few crores! Maybe MTV will come to Nepal for their "Super Sweet 16" natak!

8 months to go. Still going on blind dates as if the world is going to end in 2011! I have asked Lord Pashupatinath to either strike me with lightning or hook me up with a nice lady so that I can finally settle down!

If nothing works out in the next 240 days then I will have to take the traditional route. But that's not bad either.... it's not like in our grandfather's days where you didn't even see your bride's face until the day you got married.

Nowadays you get to see her face, take her out for coffee, movies, lunch ... and hear her 'You know... I already have a boyfriend' story. If you have a boyfriend and you want to spend the rest of your life with Prince Charming then you should tell your parents.... 'Folks... I am seeing someone, don't bring some 'Ogre' and tell me to go out on a blind date with him!'

At least... when you call me an 'Ogre' ... please tell that behind my back not when I am drinking tea with your father in the living room! I know I am not 'Aamir Khan' material but just because I am not good @ txt msging doesn't mean I am Old School!

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  1. 2012 is the year that some folks are predicting that the world will end you have some more time to make things work bro....

    Whatever route you take ..traditional / blind / speed / multi dating .. I am praying for you bro that you do not have to hear the 'You know... I already have a boyfriend' story. :)