Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Nepali Court!

I have never been to a Nepali Adalat (Court)... until today and it was ... fun! A neighborhood punk was arrested for selling fake drivers license. Nepali Police may be corrupt, crazy and crooked (3Cs) but they do catch small-time crooks once in a while.

The ringleader went home after spending a day in jail and 55,000 rupees poorer! Our cops must have had a nice 'raksi with khasi' party that day!
Our young punkie spent another two weeks in local jail because the District Court was busy!

The Nepali Court Room is like a Campus Canteen. Well, the benches were similar and while the court is in session, lawyers barge in and out and chat with the Judge and talk about their cases.

Guys, can't you see... the Judge is busy but well, the Judge Uncle was busy writing and reading and doing other stuff, like picking his nose. It must be the new 'Yoga' stuff!

A young couple stood before the judge. They were smiling. They wanted to go separate ways. The judge let out a toothy grin. I don't know if he was wondering over the perfection of this young gal's figure or just finding it funny that these two people looked as if they were in love as they sought to end their six-month long marriage!

A truck driver was defending himself... he didn't realized that he had run over his khalasi until he heard that 'Kuh-Chyak' sound! Two real estate agents were shouting at their lawyers. I guess they felt they weren't getting a good deal. And the Cops were busy sleeping!

Our punkie brother is now out on bail. His poor father had to pay 4,000 Rupees and lawyer fees. If he didn't have the dough then he would have spent a year and half in Nakkhu Jail!

The Cops were smiling, 'Don't worry, you will be back!' ... our Mamas are funny blokes! The lil' fishes get eaten up but the shark (the ringleader!) will be back in business next week.

I did tell the father to send him to jail so his son could get free food and lodging for the next 18 months. You know, this mahangi ko jawana! Nakkhu Jail has basketball courts, good library and what not. If this Lad had gone to prison then he would have come out , a Matric Pass!

And if he repeats his natak few more times then after a decade... he will have a PhD in prison management! Yes, Daaktar Saheb... then who knows, get into politics perhaps!


  1. I experienced a similar scene when I visited Kathmandu Jilla's fun spend a day there.....

  2. Its a good place to have a reality based tv show following the stories and lives of the people who come there...

  3. Nice narration of sad reality! I love your writing style.