Friday, March 27, 2009

Return of the Tab-ayes!

Back in the 90s... it was all about the Alphabets. Either you were drinking P(hensydyl), smoking G(anja) or swallowing N(itrosun). And if you took P-G-N at the same time then you would probably see Kurt Cobain, Lord Shiva and Charles Manson having coffee in Seattle without flying to Amrika!

Now... all our young junkies are called 'Tab-ayes'... and our young 'rebels' are now busy snatching 'soon ko mala' and 'kaan ko top' from the ladies... sometimes in the broad daylight but mostly during early evenings and thanks to loadshedding... business is booming!

And our Nepal police and the 'cultural' police (YCL) are doing their own thing! The people in the neighborhood are doing their own thing as well. Everybody is bitching and whining but nobody wants to form some kind of a neighborhood watch thing because... they are all waiting for the government to do something.

It's all about the money... folks would rather drink a bottle of Whisky and khasi ko masu but don't want to contribute to building a small 'Community' Police post. The YCLs have stopped beating up local gangsters and small-time crooks! They are busy fighting the YFs.

It's now much safer to walk around Hunts Point, Bronx (never got mugged or shot at!) than in your local neighborhood. A young College kid was robbed @ 6 in the morning. Our 'tab-aye' bhai punched him in the face and took of with the guy's bag and shoes.

Okay, I can understand the shoes... you need good running shoes for KTM streets but what is he going to do with the kid's college textbooks? Sell it to the Chana-Chatpat guy so that customers can eat in an environmentally friendly recycled paper-plates?

And what's up with Jason Mraz? Was drinking @ a bar and the girl next me was listening to Jason Bro. Then went to my usual 'weekly Poker' place and the guy next to me was listening to the same stuff.

And maybe our 'Tab-aye' brothers are listening to the same album...'We Sing, We Dance and We Steal Things' .... yes, I have been trying to tell this lady... 'I'm yours' but 'bujhney lay kura na-bujhey pachi'.... then kasko bau ko kay lagcha!

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