Sunday, March 1, 2009

No Sex Please !

Matrika Yadav is forming his own militia, while another Yadav (from the Nepali Kangaroos) is making love and not war. No Sex Please... We're British! Okay, we are happy that we were never colonized but when it comes to Sex ... even our CA members need a little something.

Thanks to the British, India still has the railroads and red light districts. Thanks to Jangey Dai, we have hiking trails all over the country and although the 'sex trade' generates more than all the foreign assistance Nepal receives, it is still 'illegal' ... but that won't stop our politicians from being naughty!

I think Dr. BRB should work with Bam Dev and tax the so-called 'illegal' sex industry. I hope our CA member was practicing safe sex ... otherwise it would set a bad example for the young people.

We can't blame this guy because when your name is Krishna then you are bound to go out looking for Gopinis. Okay, he paid for it but according to our law book.. there is nothing illegal going on.

According to the Police, Krishna Yadav was caught in a 'compromising position' ... was he playing ping pong upside down, wearing a space-suit? Whatever Yadav does, it's his business but it's not his fault.

He may think he was in the right place but at the wrong time but if he was that desperate then he should have called for an in-house visit.

If it was somewhere else then the politician would have resigned based on so-called moral grounds but here in Nepal, who gives a rat's arse? I hope our leaders can learn a thing or two from the Japanese. Yes, stab yourself in the stomach and bleed to death or just jump off Dharara!

The load shedding hours will go up from 16 to 20 hours a day by mid-march. Yahooo! Don't panic... we are getting there. When we reach 24 hours a day then we can all come out and have a grand BBQ party! And maybe 'Lover Boy' Yadav will not be caught again in another compromising position when it's too dark in there!

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