Friday, March 20, 2009

The Factory!

When I was 12, the 'carpet factory' was the rage. Everybody had their own carpet factory and late in the evening, you either had to sleep with earplugs or listen to beautiful songs sung by taan-bunneys!

Then the 'taxi' wave hit KTM! Everybody in the neighborhood had their own taxi kumpaniz. Then came the 'pashmina' natak. Everybody wanted to make millions by sending our 'beautiful' pashmina stuff to Macys and all them Amriki stores!

Then the 'co-operative' movement began. You started with a small savings thing , and later expanded to a 'finance' company and then you moved to a full-fledged 'A' class Bank.

Well, in the past few years... our young folks are getting into the 'restaurant' business and looks like it will certainly go the 'carpet/taxi/pashmina' way! After all, we are all chasing the same crowd. Not many of us can afford to dine out everyday and those who can don't like to go to the same place!

Customer service sucks and so does customer loyalty... but it's not like the 90s where Bakery Cafe and Nanglo was the only place to be. We now have more than 150 coffee shops! It will take another 100 years before everyone starts eating Apple Pies and Brownies everyday .... how about a Momo-pie instead?

There is this new place in town... 'The Factory' . According to Khukhurachor Guptachar Bivag (KGB), three young dudes got together and decided to spend 2+ crore Rupees to make it a happening place! They have even hired an Indian Chef for three months. His price : Rs 10 lakhs! Wow!

The only problem is that it's in Thamel. Opening a hip place in Thamel is like opening a 'diner' in Chinatown. Either you have to pay or be friends with the Triads! In this case, you better be friends with the 'Manang-ey' people or one day, somebody is going to show up and trash the place!

Yes, that's the way it's been. If you are in Maharajgunj then 'Chakrey' dada and his friends would do the same stuff. It's nothing personal... it's just Business! I hope nobody trashes this place. I hope it makes money.

The crowd was 90% desis or Nepali marwaari families. You can't blame them... they have the dough but they will only drink Lassi! The young Desi crowd was okay. They were drinking more than just Lassis and there were few young Nepali businessmen and their GFs.

The GFs were talking about Vogue and all them fashion stuff and the boys were talking about whatever was written in last month's Forbes and Fortune magazines!

And I was just drinking, smoking and trying to figure out how these guys will get their money back! Maybe they don't want it back but the Nepali owner and his Russian girl (pahila ko Ruski Ambassador ko chori rey!) were really working hard, running here and there!

And the other two marwaari partners were ... I don't know ... busy drinking lassis?

Our tourist folks wouldn't want to hang out @ this place. They like Sam's bar, Tom & Jerry's because that's where they want to be . They already have better clubs where they came from... they would rather hang out @ a place , which looks like a broken down class room , somewhere along the trekking route!

And I don't think 'The Factory' folks are targeting them... they want the Nepali 'paisa-waal' crowd. And hope them 'paisa-wallahs' will continue to visit this place!

I wish these people Good Luck. Hope they do good business and make money so that they can open another 'Factory' ...

The Cops finally showed up @ 12... the jawans were busy blowing their whistles as if it was a soccer game and the players weren't listening to the referees!

Thanks to Bam Dev, the half-face joker... there is no night-life in KTM! So folks, it's about time ... we all get together and start working... drinking @ The Factory!

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