Thursday, March 12, 2009

Separate Ways !

Just got done with the 'Wedding season'... too much chillo snacks, raksi and still haven't found a woman to spend the rest of my life with. During them Wedding parties, you can be drunk, hit on the opposite sex and act like a clown and still get away with it.

But if you continue to do this natak in 'non-wedding' parties then you are a pervert, psycho and everything else, the Nepali Moms don't want their Sons to be! I am happy for all my friends who have decided to jump into this 'marriage' bandwagon stuff. Good luck and best wishes!

Before shaadi, it's all about promises ... and after Shaadi, it's about compromises! Yes, both of them will have to make adjustments but it must be tough for the ladies. You have to go to a new house, get along with your in-laws, be a good wife, sister, daughter-in-law and what not.

Well, let's just come to the point. You have to be Durga, Sita, Saraswati ... all rolled into one!

And what about the ledas..sorry... boys? You can be yourself and the neighborhood greets you as if you have just come back from the Second World War, winning a Victoria Cross or something!

Some marriages don't work out. And folks begin their 'blame game'... 90% of the time, it's the woman's fault! The guy's low sperm count, infedility, drug use and all other nautanki nataks will be forgiven and forgotten but if the woman dances with her Salsa instructor then it's over!

A friend of mine is going separate ways after 7 good(?) years of married life. Where did they go wrong? I don't know but Kathmandu is Hallai Halla ko place! The guy loves to drink, likes to go out with other women and sometimes doesn't come home during the weekends!

I don't blame his wife. I really wish her a good life ahead and maybe a better partner who will give her all the happiness she desires. And for this guy, well... this is Nepal, let's not feel sorry for him.

His mother will find him another woman. And I hope, this new woman will give him some kind of a competition. And hope she likes to drink, hang out with other men and goes hiking during the weekends then our poor Auntie will be left alone... looking for answers somewhere in Pashupati.

Nothing wrong with drinking in moderation, having friends and hiking but at least try to save your marriage and make it work than just calling it quits. Yes, I should quit smoking.

And no more laptop heat for me, I don't want to lower my sperm count and then blame it on someone else! But guys, give it one more try and see if it works out. If it does then we will see u @ your 25th Wedding Anniversary!

If not... then what can we do? If Allah wants it this way then that's way it's going to be!

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