Thursday, September 16, 2010

Uncle Gyanu is GROUNDED!!!

Our impotent government has once again come up with a new 'natak'... this tyam they are acting like badi strict parents and the teenager seems to be our Uncle Gyanu! Nepal is no longer a Hindu Kingdom... and the new 'Chief Guest' in town is our President. And our political leaders are still scared shit with Uncle G and his 'religious nataks' ... They don't want him to attend the Indra Jatra Festival due to security concerns!

The Maoists want to do some daang-doong, the Hindu Group wants to bring back the monarchy and our government is .... actually we really don't have a government, just a bunch of election-haaroowas and their cronies , having all the fun with our Rastra ko dhukuti!!!

According to our Bhatti-analysts, the Hindu Group made one mistake in their PR campaign!!! They should have never mentioned 'Shree Paanch Maharajdhiraj' on their FLEX BANNER rey! If it had read 'Welcome Gyanu Darling' then it wouldn't have caused so much nautanki rey! So, next tyam... the so-called Hindu Warriors should welcome Uncle G with 'Welcome Back Gyanu' instead of putting his 'Crown, face and titles' in them banners!

kura... Prachandu and other so-called 'Priestly Class' leaders should learn a thing or two from Jangey Uncle! A common man who went on to become 'Shree Tin Maharaj'... if the Ranas could keep the Monarchy Baajaa alive for 104 years while having fun then why not our political leaders? I guess none of them have visited England except CP Gajurel who tried to hop a plane to Buckingham Palace and got busted in India for pasting his face on some guy's passport!

Well, we hear stories about the Maoists warming to the idea of having a 'Cultural King'... Nepal seems to be the land of conspiracies... I think that 'Da Vinci Code' ko writer should come to Nepal and stay here for a year or two. Then he will get enough ideas to write the next 33 'Vinci Codes' books!

If our leaders want us to forget about the monarchy then they should do better than just trying to elect a Prime Minister. Instead of focusing on providing basic necessities to the people, our leaders are busy providing for their families and cronies.

Sorry, we are Nepalese... or Nepali or Nepzie .. we forgive and forget and we always want our Kings back after few years of so-called neta haroo ko raaj! Then if we get King G back then we will again take to the streets and demand our netas back...

This is how things are done in Nepal. We like Jessica Alba then we get tired and we want Jessica Simpson then we get tired of her and then we want Alba back and then we get mad at her. I guess, we just don't know what we want! Maybe that's why we, the people have been grounded since the House of Shah crashed the Party in Kathmandu Valley!

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