Sunday, September 5, 2010

Next Prime-Monster?

The last time I stood up for election was for the 'Class Beadle'... 10th grade maa... and I lost because the other guy offered the voters ... chocolates and stuff. Well, I wasn't going to just keep quiet so I offered my fellow people ... paan paraag, churot and Tulsi (Jardaa-wallah).

Class ma 40 jana thiyo, and only 6 of us were into smoking, drinking and stuffing a pack of Pan Paraag every two hours! So, I lost.... and I now know how Al Gore must have felt when he lost to that Bozo!

Abuh Nepal ko Sandharva ma tuh... it's a big joke. Candies and Pan Paaraag won't do. Our so-called netas need a few Corores here and there. Kay garney chora chori lai padaunoo paryo, tyes pachi biha gardinoo paryo, tyes pachi ghar kin-dinoo paryo , tyes pachi factory sactory kinnai paryo, tyes pachi naya Bank, hospital, hydro-power natak ma invest garnai paryo.... the list goes on and on!

I really don't think we need a Prime-Monster. We already have 601 mini-monsters to deal with. And one of them, a lady MP went to this store in Bagbazaar and when she couldn't find her choice of kurta... she called up the cops and had the owner arrested.

His crime? For not being respectful enough to our Her Highness MP-auntie! And our police-wallahs, more of a local security guards for our netas/netinis arrested the guy for not providing better customer service. Thank God, he didn't kiss her arse. Tyeso bhaye tuh he would have been arrested for sexual harassment hola!

Our MPs, ministers, Mao. Inc CC members should take a break from riding around in SUVs and instead take a walk around Kathmandu, visit local stores, do some grocery shopping and stuff like that. And then only they will understand why everything is so expensive... why the Micro-bus drivers drive like their pants' on fire, why there is no water and how can one survive with all these mahangis?

Our so-called PM is busy attending events, lighting them battis and giving fokatey ko bhassans. Abuh PM ho ki local Mayor ho? The Home Minister acts like he owns Kathmandu, the foreign minister is busy drinking whisky and sleeping with (lucky) Marwaari businessmen .

Nothing wrong with that.. I love drinking whisky and I love Marwaari girls (If u are an Agarwaal-ni ... do u want to have coffee with me ...please!!!) but why are our Ministers acting like they are local Ward Members instead of leaders who have the opportunity to do the right thing. What is the right thing? I don't know.... making the moolah while you can and then saying 'Catch me if you Can' hola!

I hope we will have a new PM by 2020... and hope our so-called 'new' constitution will be ready by then... until then just keep on doing what you are doing and hope everything will be fine.

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