Saturday, September 11, 2010

My Neighbors...

50 years ago, mero tole ma Bha-koon-day bhoot authyo rey. Then 25 years ago, it was more of a syal-haroo ko gang... ani 10 barsa agaadi chahi nuh bhoot nuh animals... haroo and now fast forward to present day .... abuh chahi manchey haroo nai bhoot hoonuh thalyo!

10:00pm : Mero ghar agaadi euta sano kaath ko factory cha. The guy starts work @ 7am in the morning with them machine-alarm clock.. .krrrring kkkkk krrrring, kaath kaatdai and then when the day is over.... them employees are busy talking to their loved ones in India , tyo pani merai ghar agaadi baseruh! So for the next 40-50 mins, I have to listen to UP-ko-dielogs haroo!

11:00pm : Mero chimeki ko chori starts her 'Zoom' TV show ... tyo pani loud vyaaloom maa and it goes on until 1am.

1:00am :Yo bhoot hidnay tyam ho taruh aaj kal manchey nai bhoot bhaye pachi kasko kay laagcha ruh? Now, we have our regular drunken master and crouching tigers. Some nights, some drunk will be pissing , some will be taking a nap and some will be fighting with their imaginary enemies.

1:30am : And we have a lovely dance-bar girl... the micro-bus ko music is louder than 'The Who' ko concert and then it takes her 5-10 minutes to kiss everyone in the Micro and bid farewell.... C'mon Lady... aren't u going to meet the same folks tomorrow night @ work?

2:30am : Time for a 'holy' unplugged street concert. A baba from India and his 'Shiva' Bhakti bhajan... I wonder if he is high on hash and forgets his way everyday and ends up in my neighborhood.

3:30am : The 'Albino' buda across the street begins his 'Khakaar Yoga'....

4:30am : The Armed Police Force guards @ DFID (UKAID) begin their sur-safai karyakaram while them so-called private 'Yellow Shirts' guards are inside... having a blast. Hamro TaxPayer ko money bideshi INGO lai guard garnuh kaam laagecha tara let them clean their front gate...

5:00am : The morning morning work crowd, a gang of 20 women and 3 men and singing 'latest' dohori re-mix ... waking up the neighborhood!

6:00am : The 'Karate Kids' .... hoo -haaa - crowd... and then we have either the APF or the Army personnel and their morning run natak , banging their boots as if it is a Neo-Nazi Fest or something!

7:00am : Everybody is up except ....

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