Wednesday, February 4, 2009

X & Y !

Timing is everything. And sometimes it's not in your hands but we should all play the cards we are dealt and hope that the other person doesn't hold three Aces when you are trying to outdo him or her with a pair of 7s.

Went to a bar yesterday night... it was closing time and the band was packing up and man... didn't know our KTM bands had their own groupies too! I wish I had taken guitar lessons when I was young. I would play the guitar with my teeth and maybe that would make the ladies go wild.

I have been grinding my teeth for ages. The doctors tell me it's nothing but 'Stress' ... don't worry, eat right, sleep well! I have stopped worrying about how my life will turn out to be. I am now in the late second quarter and so far I have fumbled in every game I have played. And my interception percentage is like 90%.

So for every ten plans that I come up with, I know very well that nine of them will turn out to be a bust and even that single successful venture will result in breaking even. I can take all them management classes I have taken so far and shove it up somebody's arse. Well, it's been stuck in mine forever!

The Young Guns today are not only wild and crazy but they are smart, passionate and determined to achieve whatever they set their mind to. Old fogies like us are still bragging about how we scored a 'first division' in our SLC exams. Yes... 60.1% and that's the only good thing to show for and everything after that is fuzzy.

I met a young person ... she drinks like a sailor, smokes like a chimney and she's only 23. She is doing her Master's thing in some development shit and she likes to jump off some cliff or go river-rafting. When I was her age, the only thing I cared about was not missing David Letterman's Top 10 list for the night and guzzling cheap beer and chicken wings!

I think I have found my girl. She has the brains... she wants to get a Phd in 'Yes, I too want to save the world' thing. She can really cook. Yes, the kitchen was closed but she convinced the guy to let her in and she made a mean grilled cheese sandwich. She also likes Karela. I do too. She has to drink a cup of coffee before going to bed. I do too.

And she wants to marry a guy who has a decent job, a good sense of humor and who won't mind doing the dishes. Okay, I don't have a decent job... @#$! I don't have a job! But I love to do the dishes and I am a funny guy.

God... make me 23 again! Well, in Nepal... it's not that difficult. You can always take off few years from your ID, passport and what not as long as you pay our sarkaari folks!

And our young folks are optimistic. Maybe not about the country's future but they really believe that they are heading somewhere. I guess it's true when they say 'If you believe it then you can achieve' or something like that.

The future is bright for Nepal. I tell young people to go out... go West, East ... stay there for few (10) years. Finish your PhD or work your arse off and don't think of coming back unless you have spent ten years away from home. Even Ramu was out in the jungle for 14 years but he didn't have to worry about bills because his father owned a kingdom!

Well things didn't work out with Sita but that's how we, males are. We just can't think that the opposite sexes can be friends without sleeping with each other.

Yes, don't come back (if you don't want to!)... Stay there and do good. There will be few who really want to do something in Nepal and few is good. If everybody comes back then Prozac sales in KTM will go through the roof! You can do more by staying put... wherever you are. If you make good money then give it to the few who have decided to come back and are in the villages ,trying to do something.

Change won't happen overnight. The other day, a vegetable seller was telling me, "Even if you take poison, you are not going to die right away." Okay, maybe this guy needs to sell his worldly possession and be a Sadhu or something.

So for them folks who are outside Nepal, don't feel bad. Make your money. Make sure you have something, a PhD in 'Uranium Processing' or something, so that your skills will always be in demand! Or maybe a Green card so you can always run back to make some dough. Do what it takes to be financially well-off before even deciding to do something for others.

I have no idea what I am writing. This is coming from a guy who is always broke and can't even convince a peanut seller to pick up his own trash. The other day, I tried to take a stray dog to the Vet and got bitten. Friends tell me 'Do something, open a business or something... make money then only think about all this community natak'

I don't know. My business plans look neat... but always turn out to be more like a 'shock & awe' thing. There is always a big dhamaka like them Mentos & Diet Coke experiment and after that it's just @#$!ing mentos in the bottle and you are thirsty but there is no soft drink!

And then there was this dude from the Madeshi Forum doing his Hindi Shayari thing. '
tujhe chahne wale kum na honge, waqt ke sath shayad hum na honge, chahe kisi ko kitna bhi pyaar dena, lekin teri yaadon ke haqdar sirf hum hi honge'... there you go... this guy will be the first Madeshi PM if he continues with this natak!


  1. "She also likes Karela. I do too." - that is funny !! :)

  2. i absolutely love your posts, read a few, humor is never enough, superb writing style too ;). i wish i could read a few more, i would if i didn't have those stupid/numerous articles to review. maybe i ought to add to my wish list"i wish for my professor to be swallowed by the ground, for good"..

    will come back for more!!