Wednesday, February 25, 2009

School Tax?

(the Private school-wallahs) is threatening to shut down the schools than pay the 5% Education Service Tax! If you don't own a private school then it's a good idea but if you do then it must be like shoving your head up your own arse. Is that possible?

I don't know but with this 'Yoga' thing... anything is possible! I don't blame our Finance Minister, BRB... the guy is doing his best. After all, taxes is what runs the country but it's very hard to change old habits.

When you have spent the last 30+ years , bending the rules and paying under the table... it's very hard to convince folks to walk around in the nude. BRB wants transparency and the PABSON folks ... they want to close down and move to the West!

According to Khukhurachor Guptachar Bivag (KGB) agents, 95% of private school owners have already bought apartments in Amrika, UK, Singapore, Bangkok and the Moon! Where did the money come from? The answer is ... blowin' in the wind.

And majority of the private school-wallahs are wives of former Army and Police officials and so-called journalists. Nothing wrong with that but when you own school buses worth millions of dollars then even the ice-cream wallah outside the school gate will be dreaming of ways to kidnap you for a ransom!

It would be a better option to pay the EST and then ask the government to be transparent with what it does with the dough!

PABSON paid billions of rupees to the Maobaadis during the so-called civil war. But PABSON doesn't want to pay to the Nepali Government. Yes, we should all pay taxes and at the same time our government should send a report to all taxpayers and show us where it ends up!

The loadshedding is making it hard for our SLC students and now the government is threatening to stop PABSON students from taking their SLC exams and PABSON is doing its counter-threatening to shut down the schools.

I think we should bring in Umesh Shrestha (the guy from Little Angels school) to act as the mediator. After all, he was the #1 fundraiser for the Maoists back in the days!

Jhallu is the new chairperson of the UML. Oli is oily and Makune should go to Kasi and throw away his dream of being the next PM in the holy river or something. The UML's new theme song is "Jhalak Dikhla Jaa" and the way Girija is blabbering, I think he will live to be 160... like them turtles somewhere in the Galapagos Islands!

A newspaper guy was shouting 'Gyanendra Rata Rat Desh chodera Bhagyo'... so I bought his newspaper. Nice gimmick to sell a newspaper! Give Gyanu a break. He is off to India for a wedding. The Ranas, Shahs and our politicians all have Indian connections either by marriage, business or political deals.

What about us? Well, we will always have Danny Dengzonpa. Happy B'day DD (he's 61!)...and he is not even Nepalese! So what... I am rooting for Sourabhee!

Yes, Kapil is our Nepali brother but Sourabhee (her mom is Nepali!) is the bomb! BTW, Kapil is in the Army but either he's too laid back or just Low-Shay! And the girl from Shillong... well, I am ready to sign up for her Army. Yes Sir... eh.. Maam!

No lights in the house.... word on the street is that NEA is increasing the load shedding hours from 16 to 22! Man, bring back the monarchy... at least we can blame the King for all our problems.

Now, we can't blame anyone. The Congressis blame the Maobadis, the Maobadis blame foreign hands and the Khaobaadis are happy that 'commission' business is still going strong.

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