Tuesday, February 3, 2009

The Other Woman !

A good friend of mine is married with kids. He drives around in a nice fancy car. And he also likes to eat out... with another woman! Where did he go wrong? If you are going to fool around then what's the point of getting married?

I think I am a pretty progressive guy but once you get married then I think it's a good idea to stay loyal to your spouse. I am not married and maybe I don't know how a married guy feels but if you have a nice wife and kids then what makes you go and play bed kung-fu with another woman?

Marriage is a lot of work. And for lazy bums like me, it may not be a good option. How about an open relationship? I was once in such a relationship ... well I think I still am and I have no problem with her on-and-off attraction to smart, rich , six-abs blokes! No, I am not going out with a hooker.

I guess I am a dumb ass. Well, I am not that smart (although I like to think I know everything!), I am skinny and I am still dependent on the kindness of my family. I don't know how long it will last?

Well, I think I will always be skinny and stupid but I don't know how long my wonderful family will keep on supporting, investing in my dream projects even though they know that at the end of the day, they will have to write it off as another bad investment!

Let's go back to the Nepali guys and their mistresses thing! I am not making it up but 50% of my married friends are getting ziggy-wiggy with some other women. And nearly 30% of all the girls I have loved (but who smartly decided not to marry me but married nice guys) are getting it on with other men.

Here in Nepal, a guy can screw up his whole life and still get away with it but it's hard to be a woman... you screw up once and people will talk behind your back for the rest of your life!

I have nothing against my friends who like sleeping with the other women but I don't think I would do that to my wife if I ever get married. I have to get married soon. Who says so? Not my family but the wonderful relatives come up with stories on how my 'biological clock' is ticking!

I thought that was a woman thing but I guess it's all right for Krishna Prasad Bhattarai to be happy with a woman half his age but it's a big No No to go out with a teenager to catch a new Bollywood flick!

I once told this 10+2 gal... 'Look, even Prince Charles got married to a confused 19 year old' and she replied, 'Well, look at what happened to Di!' and 'BTW, u r no Prince, you are always broke and only if you get your nose pulled by a tractor would you get a nose like Charlie!'

Okay, so no hooking up with a Lolita... I guess! My sisters think that even if I do con a lovely lady to be my wife-for-life ... she would leave me in a week after she finds out that I am still figuring out what to do with my life when most people my age are already so-called well-settled with cushy jobs, nice wives, kids, cars and mistresses!

It's been a long time since I listened to Mr. Cray. So here goes the song, 'Right Next Door'... and a Hello to my friend in the UK for them 'Robert Cray Morning Bhajans!'

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  1. I agree with you 100% : "If you are going to fool around then what's the point of getting married?"

    I would never do what Mr Robert Cray did in this song !!!