Sunday, February 22, 2009

Love hurts ?

Some guys have all the luck... said Swami Roddy Stewart. And when the girl leaves... the guy goes crazy. I might be wrong but 90% of all the guys do think about all the gals they have loved before. And somewhere down the road, things didn't work and the gals moved on but the guys are still smoking weed and drinking local raksi to forget and forgive.

But men don't forgive or forget... they always hope that the ladies will come back even after she's been happily married to another bloke for a decade and has enough kids to front a six-a-side soccer team.

Why? I don't get it. Women move on faster than you know who! I went to visit my high school buddy and he's still talking about his love when Monica Seles was hot. Well Miss Seles was never on my 'hot' list but her grunts were ... well if you forgot about the tennis match and was visually impaired then you would think something else was going on!

C'mon dude... move on. Your gal is now happily married to a guy who owns a bank. Okay he does try to stretch it too far with his 'Donald Trumpy' hairstyle but give this Richie Rich a break. He is going bald and you look like you need a full Brazilian wax or something.

And women these days love bald men and if you are worth millions and bald then that should seal the deal! And for hairy drunk(s) still living in denial.. it's about time you beg your parents to find you a bride!

Wake up! You are not Florentino Ariza, so quit the natak... shave, stop smoking , go out and meet new women and remember this is not 'love in the time of karela' .

And to Miss S... u are really something. Hot, smart and going out with a rich bloke but if he somehow manages to die in a plane crash or of a brain tumor (I like them 80s Bollywood movies!) then don't forget our buddy, Florentino!

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  1. Dear Brother Guffadi : "quit the natak... shave, stop smoking , go out and meet new women".. Its time you take your own advice for a change :)

    I read that bald men have more testosterone in them, so makes them better lovers... so bald men might not be as handicapped as we would like to think of them... :)