Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Small Business !

I am still brainstorming (with my buddies) on what kind of businesses I should be involved in... and so far, I have come up with these!

Vegetables: Yes, we all love Veggies don't we? Get up @ 4 in the morning, visit the Kalimati Vegetable market, grab few aloos, gobi, sabji and other veggie stuff. The vegetable sellers in my neighborhood make a profit of Rs 200-500 a day! The markup is like 40%. The good thing about it is everybody needs Aloo. The bad part would be... waking up @ 4 in the morning.

Sekuwa Corner: Nepalese love to drink and eat masu. A Sekuwa Cart owner makes Rs 800-1,200 a day! The good thing about it is flexible working hours. You can set up your stall @ 4 in the evening and wrap it up by 9 pm. The bad part would be... spending hours cutting masu, marinating and stuff like that.

Beauty Parlor: Okay, I have no experience in this business but Nepali girls spend more money visiting them 'beauty' salons than on anything else. If we can also introduce a 'Get One Free Margarita" while Mr. Chadani does your hair then the Beauty Parlor would be a great hit.

I have ruled out extortion, murder, illegal gambling and escort services because I don't think I am good @ hafta-asooli and beating other folks.

I was thinking about opening a restaurant but few of my friends are now busy swatting flies. The rent is like Rs 160,000 per month. Two thousand Amriki bucks. Holy Cow! And on top of that, you have a 40 lakhs ko investment. Now you are truly @#$!ed ... aren't you?

The Bhooka tourists will sit back with a glass of wine, waiting for 2010 whereas our Nepali crowd will drink, puke and punch each other in the nose. And if we really believe in equality then we should also cater to the ladies.

The only way to save his business is to open a dance bar.... for the ladies only! Yes, Full Monty is back. After all Gals just wanna have fun...too! At least give them the opportunity to heckle, molest and be rowdy. And I think I need to hit the gym.

Or ... if you want to open a club then open one like them pahilay ko Studio 54 (NYC). A place where ghooskhori hakim ko chori can dance with a vegetable seller and even if you are rich and beautiful, the chances of getting in would be at the doorman's discretion and not who your father is!

I would love to see Dr. BRB's daughter dance with a Samsosa-wallah and Prachanda do a chicken dance with Girija's daughter! And maybe Paras can fly down from Singapore and join the crowd as well. After all, we are F-A-M-I-L-Y !

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