Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy Birthday....

Today is Miss Amrika's birthday.... no not talking about some beauty pageant winner ni feri. Amrika ko nai birthday ho kya! Ani mero coach ko pani birthday ho Ajuh. Happy Birthday Coach! Thanks for all them good tyam... hope you are having fun today hai!

I don't know what to write.... abuh.... I always had them fear of commitment ki kay bhancha ni. Ani last year, I fell in love for the first tyam. Tyo bhanda pahile chai kay ni? I don't know .... maybe it was just hanging out hola! But all my former lovers are now good friends. Well, it's another story that they are all happily married with kids abuh tuh... and they were happy for me ... that I had finally found someone with whom I wanted to spend the rest of my life with kya!

But it was not to be... she was the 'one' for me but she wanted something more. I have always been good at them conversations. That's what my 'sano' sisters tell me but when it mattered the most... I failed to speak up and talk about all them stuff she wanted to talk about hola....

But the show must go on ni.... I have always moved on..... from relationships ..... and today, I have to move on feri.... but it is hard! My naari saathiz have been trying to figure out what went wrong. They look at me .... ani they say .. 'Be a Myaaan' ... haha!

I have always been a 'Peter Pan' rey. I need to grow up rey. I need to find something .... like a real job and stick to it rey. It's about 'stability' rey. Just because I say stupid things and try to be funny is not going to cut it rey. Yes, that's what my friends are telling me.

Everybody tells me .... I need to let go. I am trying.... garo hoo-do rahecha. All my life.... I have told my friends.... 'just move on....' and now when I am supposed to move on... I am a mess!

She is gone! She tells me that it's better for both of us .... to move on instead of screwing it up by being together! Yes, I must let go .... I still miss talking to her at night. I miss her big forehead.... her crooked smile.... her small hands.... I miss her voice!

Abuh jay hoo-no thiyo bhayee halyo! We could still be friends ni.... bhancha sabai jana. I have been friends .... am still friends with my formers but I don't know why... I can't be friends with her!

'Why not?' sodh-chan mera saathi haroo..... khoi.... malai pani tha-ha chai-nuh. I thought it would be easy! You break up and then you just go back to being friends ni. I think I will just go back to being a stranger baroo!

Anyways.... Happy Birthday Coach! Thanks for all them great geet seet. I was still stuck in the 90s hola.. didn't know there were so many great geet-kaars after Bush got elected and then re-elected.... haha!

Thanks for encouraging me to write more.. even if it's jpt (nearly all of them tyam hehe!). Someday, we will be friends hola. Lau tuh... have fun, be safe and stay cool bhanchan ni... hehe! Ani laastuh ma chahi... thank you for them memories hai... I will always luff du!


  1. :( i'm sorry you're having to go through this.its hard. hope all turns out well for you. they say lovers can never be friends but i disagree- it is possible and i hope you guys will get back to being friends again.

  2. @minfied.. thanks for them kind words! It's hard but life must go on ni... youtube videos help hehe!