Monday, July 9, 2012

The Crown Prince is missing .....

The not-so-united Maoist party aka UCPN (Maoist) aka Unilaterally Corrupt Paketmaars of Nepal (Maoist) ... has suspended our crown prince rey. No, I am not talking about Paras dai kya.... it's our own comrade, Prakash Shumsher Dahal!

Paras dai gets a bad rap ..... hit and run and beating folks up but we never really heard about any shady business deals hagi.... while our new crown prince has not run over anybody yet but he seems to like running away with another woman every other year. Ani usko business deals haroo ko tuh baat nai naw-garoom!

Prakashey was married to someone during them conflict period. Then he got tired of her and married somebody else after Papa came back from Delhi. Now, our media wallahs tell us that he hasn't been to Lazimpat Palace for the past couple of days rey. Now, where in the @#$!ing world is Carmen Sandiego? hehe.. I meant hamro Prakash dai kya!

The crown prince has eloped with Bina Magar rey. Who is she? I don't know... never heard of her.... she happens to be the President of them student union at Saraswoti Campus rey. And she is married to some Adhikari guy, who is some kind of a Maoist neta from Bhakatpur. Her hubby has joined Baidya uncle's gang kyaaruh! Let us all feel bad for him hai!

If Prakashey has really married again ... then let us hope that he will finally settle down! Khoi.. third time lucky hola ni Chotta Sarkar! He has even deactivated his Facebook accounts rey. Yes, he has like 3 fb accounts.... one for his mistresses, one for his crew and one for all of us hola ni.

Prakash Dahal is a lucky man. If his pappy hadn't decided to become a communist (closet capitalist), then he wouldn't be one of the richest man in town ni. If Prachandoo Sarkar had decided to stick to his job then he would probably be heading some NGO today hola. And what about his son? I don't know... he would probably be a sahuji of some 'Taas' place in Chitwan hola ni! Or maybe he would have one of them jpt hotels in Sauraha!

Our Emperor is a smart arse. He somehow figured out that our media wallahs were going to write about his son! Ani.... yo natak.... Prakash Dahal is suspended from the Newa State Committee rey.

How the hell did he get a spot @ the Newa State Committee thing? I guess he really loves them Newari dishes hola ni. Or maybe he can beat the local guy from Patan when it comes to downing them aila saila.

He is tight with our former King's son-in-law kyaaruh. The duo have taken over a few casinos in town and they really are the only blokes who are living the good life in Naya Nepal hagi. But somebody needs to remind them that money can't buy class! Fokat ma aako paisa ho... jagga dalal lay gaadi kinya jastai.. mun pari chalau... hehe!

I think Paras dai should sit down with his brother-in-law and ask him to stop hanging out with them 'dance bar' wallahs kya. The guy has no class... instead of always opening up a bottle of them bideshi whisky and hanging out 3-4 wata dance bar hero-nis ... go hang out with Vijaya Mallya if you want to have fun sun ni.

And what about Prakash dai? The Emperor is too busy drinking whisky with his Desi 'handlers' to even worry about our crown prince ... so maybe Muma Maharani should use a daa-doo and give him a beating or something! Ye..... or maybe Ram Dev Baba can help ... teach him some breathing techniques to control his libido or something!

Khoi .. kay bhanney...... maybe he is in love hola ni. They fell in love while hanging out at Namche rey. Yes, both of them were in the so-called Maoist Everest Expedition. Prakash climbed Everest but I guess he didn't want to organize some kind of a parade in the valley when he got back because he just wanted to be with Bina hola ni. He did it all for our so-called constitution and peace ni. We still don't have a constitution and every paketmaar gets a piece of the loot!

Paras dai should now go on TV and maybe give some advice to the current crown prince! If he had beaten up Sujata's son-in-law Rubel daka in Chitwan then Paras dai would have earned some brownie points hola.... but tyo opportunity pani miss bhayo kya! And if Prakash Dahal, our current crown prince doesn't get his act together.... he will end up as a clown instead of getting the crown kya!

I don't see his future in Nepali politics. He has already made billions.... hope he will be wise and not spend it like crazy. Lootey ko dhan ho... arko saat pusta lai pugi halcha ni! Yestai ho Nepal ma..... we had them 'Nati' Generals during the Shumsher days... now we have the 'comrade' daakas kyaaruh!

So where in the world is our crown prince? I don't know... maybe he is at Hotel Viashali hola ni or he is hanging out at them resorts somewhere. India ma tuh at least they have them dynastic politics.. Nepal ma... chai... Sujata auntie did enjoy her free ride but it's all over for her abuh tuh!

I think Manusi will be a MP someday... from Kathmandu and she is more like Dr. Saheb and not like her mommy... hehe! Our netas get lucky kya..... and when they do hit the jackpot... they are not worried about their legacy ... they just want to go on a looting spree!

Fifty years from now, people will still be talking about Jangey.... nobody will give a rat's arse about late Hawaldar or even our Prachandoo Sarkar. What about Gyanu uncle? I still think he should give all his money to charity and move to an ashram... then history will be kind to him hola!

And what about Prakash Dahal? He will probably get married like eight times by the time he is 60 and he will end up losing all his money in Macau... playing high stakes poker .. hehe!

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