Saturday, December 31, 2011

2012 .... end of the world?

Every year, I come up with them New Year's Resolutions... and when I look back then I realize that I have failed to keep them ki accomplish them ki kay bhancha ni.. so this year chahi I am not going to go with my usual 'I will quit.... ' this and that natak.

My father tells me that I have already started more ventures than late Steve Jobs and while iPod, iPhone and iPad have rocked the world.... my ventures have been more of them iFail type hola .. hehe!

So this year, I would like to lease ropanis of land someplace near ... maybe an hour drive from Lalitpur and start some farming sarming stuff. I don't know much about farming. My great grandfathers were great farmers rey but then rest of the clan decided to do something else!

I like 'dalley' a lot.... khursaani ni feri! So, maybe I will start a 'Dalley Farm' this year. With due respect to all the 'little' people, but I would like a midget to be the face of my 'Dalley' products ... something like that wrestler guy in them 'Balwaan Khaini' products. Never tried khaini , well tried it once and puked and never tried it again kyaaruh!

I would also like to do some event sevent stuff in Kathmandu. Hate them 'so-called' party nataks... and Sabin Rai ko geet pani abuh tuh sabai lay sooni sakey holan.. so this year, I would like to organize a monthly event ... maybe start with 'Van Morrison' night or our old guru-ba 'Rod Stewart' .... hehe!

So instead of listening to Kutumba at every charity function, I would like to hire our 'Nepali' rock stars to sing some 'Roddy' dai's geet or even 'Elton John' ... when I was a young lad studying in Singapore when Lee Kwan Yee was still a Senior Minister hehe.... the only songs (I suck at this singing stuff) I ever covered were Elton dai's 'Sacrifice' and John Lenon's 'Jealous Guy' .... hehe!

I also plan to start jogging again .... I have always wanted to run a marathon but the Real Kathmandu Marathon is a big joke kyaaruh. My brother in law ran the marathon a few years ago and he had to compete with Micro buses, tyampoo, water tankers ... so it's not that fun!

But this year chahi.. I really want to finish a marathon , maybe the first ani tyo pani lastuh nai hola ni.

I have written screenplays yeta oota.... but this year chahi.... I want to make movie. Instead of all them 'so-called' technically khatara new-age Nepali movies... I just want to do a movie on my SLC days and maybe try to screen it right after the end of the SLC egg-jams this year. I think I have finally found the magic formula hola... @#$! them action movies or so-called arty farty wallahs... young folks like to hang out at them malls, cinemas and vyar vyar momo stalls!

So, I guess I will have to open a vyar vary momo stall somewhere near KTM Mall and maybe a kurta-pasal inside KTM Mall and release my movie, a block ootaah Civil Mall ma .. hehe!

Happy New Year 2012 to you and your pariwaar..... God Bless Amrika errr.. Nepal!

with love and best wishes,


p.s. And don't worry, the world is not going to end kya.... The Mayans got it all wrong rey... but if it does end then let's all hope that we will be near our loved ones so that we can die in their arms ... ki kaso?


  1. this is such a cute post!
    I have a fren cuming from dharan.. he's bring home Dalley..and u know..dharan ko dalley is so tasty! piro plus guliyo pani :P
    i can share u some! :)
    and about the event thing..sounds exciting!!
    Rod Stewart...if we fall in love tonite? ;)

    neways happy 2012..
    wish to read more of ur guff-filled post!

  2. hadn't read your blog in a while. now i know what i've been missing.

    so maybe this year's resolution for me is to promise myself to read your blog regularly. eat your vyar vyar momos. buy some kurta surta. and watch your movie. slc uile uile diyeko bhaye ni. heheheh.

    happy tarzan-ing into 2012!

  3. @dongala... hehe... yes, some dalley for me hai... thanks!

    @jhusilikira.... yes, need to make the movie soon so I can cash in on them SLC crowd.. hehe.. I think we should get all our SLC jaach diney students to gherao NEA and demand batti from 6pm to 6am until them SLC eggjams are over.. ye.. I should write about or guff about it hola hagi!