Sunday, December 18, 2011

Criminals run the show

Nepali Congress has lost it .... I guess them Kangaroos know that the so-called oldest democratic party will never ever get to loot Nepal like it did when our great Hawaldar Girija Babu ran the show!

I got stuck at Ratnapark this Saturday like thousands of Kathmanduites because our Kangaroos decided to go on a rampage and burn vehicles, force people out of them gaadis and make them walk to their destination kya.

Who is Shiva Poudel? The guy used to be the President of Chitwan ko Tarun Dal. Tarun-eys are like Mao's YCL and Unidentified Moronic Losers (UML) ko Youth Force. But the Kangaroo gundas don't have many mundrey goondas like Youth Force.

YCLs have their share of gundas but comrades still run the show. Youth Force chahi.... they have Milan Chakrey, the one-armed bandit (his other arm is mangled and dangles because he nearly got killed by Deepak Dai ko chela... tyo jawana ma!). And they also have that khalasi turned Don from Biratnagar, Parshuram Basnet... who is still in hiding kyaaruh!

Anyway, lets get back to late Shiva-ji... his brother was killed by them Youth Force gundas a few years back. So, Shiv-ey decided to kill Sanjay Lama, a Youth Force chor! He was arrested with his chelas and sent to Bharatpur Prison in Chitwan.

And then the other gundas decided to attack him inside the prison and he got his head banged up pretty bad. So they had to fly him to Kathmandu and he died on Friday night.

Now, Nepali Congress wants us all to join hands rey... to protest against them prison conditions and Home Minister ko laa-pur-wai. Blawdy Hell... hehe.... abuh gunda haroo ko security ko laagi hami joo-loos ma janey rey! Our Home Minister is another Maha-Gunda. Kavreli Don , Ganesh Lama is his right-hand man!

If you go to them 'City Center' area... all them bato ghato bhataang-bhootoong. Yes, it's a good thing, our traffic police, municipality and the Road Department want to widen them roads to ease traffic congestion but why the @#$! did these sarkaari chors grant permission for them folks to build their houses if it was illegal kya? And what about them sidewalks... hami kaha heed-ney... or should we get some stilts from China and start stilt-walking hola ni!

I met a friend of mine today... well, I was going to a book club meeting ani bato ma saathi po mood-off bhayeruh basi raako rahecha. The Court has told the authorities to stop demolishing them walls, houses and what not until the government decides what kind of or how much compensation they would give to them tole-baasis!

But who gives a @$!% about them court sourt ...our netas and chor sarkaari hakims don't care hola because our judges ask the Police for help and the police-wallahs have nothing better to do but kiss our netas' arses!

Them bull-dozers haroo sabai Ganesh Lama ko rahecha! Yes, he got them contracts for them demolition jobs rey. If the tole-baasis demolish them walls, houses then it's okay rey but if Lama dai's machines roll over then you have to pay Rs 10,000 per hour rey.

The tole-baasis protested and the Home Ministry sent thousands of cops in riot gear. And the cops are now busy scaring the tole-baasis. If you act funny then we have orders to break your bones rey. Even Ganesh Dai's gundas are running around threatening innocent folks to either demolish their walls and ghar shar and stop protesting rey.

Nepali Congress wants Guccha-dar's head.... they want him to resign. If the Kangaroos really want to help then they should call off the bandh and go to Gyaneshor and help the tole-baasis there. Send the Tarun Dal and all them nautanki Nebi-Sangh (Nepal Students Union) clowns to fight with Guccha-dar's gundas ni baroo!

The Amriki Ambassador should also do a chakka jaam in Gyaneshor with his so-called Marine guards and CIA agents hehe.. instead of just updating his Facebook status hola! Why not print out a list of all Congressis and post it on their Embassy ko wall baroo! Something like a black-list kya.... and ban all these goons from visiting Amrika for their kids' graduation, housewarming parties and baby showers etiyaadi.

I have not been feeling well since November ani tyes karan not able to update them posts regularly. And those of you who sent me their mailing addresses, you will be getting your greeting cards hehe. Bidesh ma bhaako haroo might receive it arko barsa hola .. hehe! Kathmandu ka chahi.... I am sending my mundrey gunda to deliver it at your offices. Don't worry... no tyre baaling, no naara-baazi... it will be dropped at the reception , front desk or with the guard-dai hai!

Lau Jai Hos... bholi Nepal Bandha rey.... where did our anti-bandh crowd disappear? It's about tyam we all got together and kicked some arses hola. Abuh tuh atti nai bhayo! Limbuwan shuts down Eastern Nepal, UML wallahs closed down them cities a while ago and now it's our grand old party, the Kangaroos to show us their nataks hola ni.

Maoists will get free tickets to Disneyland hola and Madeshi netas have already made enough dough to pay for their daughters' dowry hola... poor Congressis... they are pissed and broke.... and they need to vent hola ni... so let them act crazy and make a fool of themselves.... maybe Manisha Koirala should open another 'Congressi' party... she seems to be only staying home these days! I hear she's like (semi) separated from her hubby rey. But she likes Gyanu Uncle kyaaruh....

Khoi kay bhanney..... I guess this is the New Nepal... where criminals and corrupt politicians run the show ani haami chai ghar ma basey-ruh kalo chiya ruh makkai khaney hola ni!

** maathi ko cartoon chai alter-salter garey ko ho.. so sorry to the Desi cartoonist from Mumbai hehe!


  1. Nice read like always. Get well soon guffadi!

  2. you are wrong...tarun dal has more mundres than YCL..