Sunday, December 25, 2011

Three years and counting

It's been three years now (Dec 15th 2008 ma soo-roo garya rahecha!) and looks like I will keep on guff-ing until I drop dead hola.... hehe!

Not much has changed .... load shedding hours have gone up every winter. Kathmandu ma harek barsa paani sook-dai cha.... we are turning out to be like them Frenchies... taking showers every 3-4 din ma .. hehe!

The so-called leaders are still looking chillo, fat and filthy rich while the rest of us suffer from some kind of respiratory and mental disorders thanks to pollution, frustration and destruction and what not.

Our Maobadis thought that they could copy a story from 'Lenin's nataks' and capture the state or something. They call themselves 'Mao's dumplings' but they are actually following Lenin's playbook kya. Mao and his chums had to walk thousands of miles ... Prachandoo and his chums just hopped on a bus, went to Delhi and ate tandoori chicken and naan with them RAW agents.

Russia had them Constituent Assembly stuff then and Lenin screwed it all up so that he could capture the state... our Emperor also had the same plans but of course, they were as suprised as the Amrikan Embassy when they won them majority of seats kya.

Mao defeated the Taiwanese.... well, they all fled to Tawian ni.. hehe! Prachandoo didn't defeat anybody. Gyanu uncle is still here, enjoying his cigarettes, brandy and late night poker Facebook ma!

And today, Prachandoo has admitted that even though he tried all them tricks, he failed to capture 'state powers' rey..... so all this tyam, fighting in the name of the people chahi sabai joke tuh rahecha ni!

So, Prachandoo just wants to be another 'Jungey' ... yes, the guy who is always riding a horse in Tundikhel kya. I think he should read all them Diamond SJB Rana's novels hola. Jungey started it all but it was not his family who got to live like tyeti bela ko P. Diddy and party like Vijay Mallya hehe!

The Dhir Shumshers killed their own brothers and their families and screwed it up for all of us while they built them palaces around the Valley. Bir Shumsher was worth like a billion pounds (ahiley ko valuation)..... and of course , the Shumshers still own thousands of ropanis of land in the city.

The funny thing about them communists haroo chahi..... they have them 'urge to purge' thing hehe. Baburam and Hisila didi were nearly buried alive back then.... Prachandoo must still be mad at himself hola.

Today, Baidya really wants to go for an all out war and take over Nepal. Somebody needs to remind the school teacher that it's not possible. The Chinese are still pissed at our Maoists for using the 'Mao' brand name. They don't like Mao anymore kya. The Chinese just want one thing from Nepal.... kiss China's arse with that 'One China' Policy natak and beat up Tibetan protesters.

Our politicians and Nepal Police get $$$ from the Chinese Embassy.... to beat up nuns and the Tibetans. Why can't HH Dalai Lama visit Nepal? If Nepal Tourism Board really wants to promote Nepal then @#$! them Bollywood stars.. invite Dalai Lama, Anna Hazare and Nelson Mandela hola!

Mandela is now old and frail so he might not make it hola but if we can get Hazare to come to Kathmandu for some kind of a bhaa-shun karyakaram then who knows... we might get like 10 million Indian tourists arko barsa .. hehe!

And most of the Chinese tourists coming to Nepal are not actually tourists nai..... half of them are in Thamel opening up them hotels, hot-pot stuff and what not but they are only here for the 'Yarchagumba' ki kay bhancha ni! There's something shady going on kya.

If HH Dalai Lama comes then Richard Gere will come and so will Uma Thurman ko bau pani! And we will probably get more Buddhist tourists for our so-called Visit Lumbini Year kya. China batuh bhanda tuh Japan, Taiwan, Thailand and even Steve Jobs jastai Kuirey Buddhists haroo auney sambhawana badi hooncha ni.

I have no idea what I am guffing today..... Merry Christmas everyone and do remember that 'He says to love your brother (and sister), love your enemy, turn the other cheek, don't judge lest you be judged, be patient, be kind, hold your tongue and give every effort to keep the bonds of peace."


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