Thursday, December 29, 2011

Politicians, Police and Public Servants

We have seen countless revolutions, a referendum and so many reforms but none of it seems to have really changed the lives of common citizens except our politicians, police and public servants.

And unless somebody wakes up and smells the Bagmati River, the three Ps will continue to make our lives miserable for many more days to come.

Our politicians need to be reminded that while holding public office, they should work for the common good and not for their own personal profit. And when they become mantris, they should do what is right instead of promoting their party’s agenda even if they face ridicule and nara-baazi from their own cadres.

I think it would be better if our political parties were taxed like private organizations. They should apply for PAN number, and file their audit reports every year. At least, we will then know how much they are raking in from all donations and gifts from our byaparis and bideshis.

Most of our ‘old’ democrats come from wealthy families or seem to have married some rich landowner’s daughter. Or maybe they are really for women’s right because most of their assets seem to belong to their wives.

And our ‘new’ rebels seem to have suddenly gotten richer due to investing in the real estate market at the right time. We got rid of the Shree Tins then the Shree Paanch and I guess now we have to deal with the Shree Aaaths!

Our politicians seem to forget that all good things do come to an end. You can’t just keep on extending the CA term forever while they enjoy the loot. Thank God, at least our Supreme Court stands up for common citizens once in a while.

So if we really want to find out how much our politicians are worth than we should enact a new ‘PA’ law and monitor their personal aides’ bank accounts and their black books as well.

We have seen the ‘Panchayati’ system where the Pradhan Pancha lived like a local prince, we have seen the ‘Parliamentary’ system where Rubel lived like a foreign prince and maybe it’s time we just stick with a ‘Presidential’ system like the Amrikis.

And for those who worry that a President will turn out to be a dictator, we just have to make sure that the only time he can mobilize the army is when we invade a foreign country. I don’t think we have enough soliders or nukes to invade our neighbors anytime soon but Baidya might take a chance if he gets to be the President someday hola.

I think we would be better off if we have only a President than also a Prime Minister and his forty thieves to waste our taxpayers money riding gas guzzling SUVs and dozens of security personnel escorting them as if they are in the middle of a battle zone in Afghanistan.

And instead of our politicians electing the President, we , the people should get the opportunity to directly elect our commander in chief.

Why do we need a President? Because we are tired of getting a new Prime Minister every six months and enjoying state benefits. When we get the ‘real’ President of the ‘real’ republic then we can just scrap all benefits of all former mantris and PMs from the Mandaleys to Maoist to Madhesis and other morons as well.

It would also be fun to watch the Presidential debates where we can ask our so-called thulo netas to name all 75 districts and 14 zones of ‘old’ Nepal. If they find it too hard to answer then we will just let them slide if they can sing our ‘new’ national anthem. I think all of the candidates would fail at that as well.

It’s about time, our politicians talk about their vision and policies to change the nation than listening to their stupid rants and outbursts. We might also get few late night shows on TV like the Amrikis if we go for the ‘Presidential’ system hola.

Our police-wallahs haven’t changed a bit after all these years. The only thing reform in the police service after 1990 was that they changed the color of their dress from the ‘bora’ to blue. They continue to harass and abuse common citizens both verbally and physically and we have nowhere to seek recourse.

Maybe it’s time to either hire locals or send the existing ‘swearing’ sailors to their own communities so that when they swear and beat people up, their mothers will show up at the station and give them a beating instead.

What about our public servants? Well, these buffoons haven’t changed since the 19th century. We, the public have become the servants while we offer chiya kharchas to get things done. We must ask their mothers for help as well.

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