Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Martyrs & Money

The Supreme Court has refused to review the petition filed by our 'honest' government. At least, we have to thank our judges for standing up for the common citizens kya.

Our stupid netas are now threatening our judges rey. The Supreme Court had ruled earlier that the CA term extension on November would be the last for our nautanki clowns and they would have to go for another election or referendum after the CA term expires.

Now, our corrupt clowns are going around town accusing the judges for acting like goons! I guess somebody needs to remind our netas that they are the ones who have hired thousands of mundrey gundas so that they can make a few billions more from them government contracts and what not.

Our netas tell us that only they represent the people and it is up to them to decide whether to extend the CA term for another hundred years or so. I guess it's now tyam to really occupy Baluwatar, BICC , Singha Durbar and all them so-called prohibited zones.

We will be suffering from another 18-20 hours of daily power cuts this winter again .. so why not take our blankets and briquettes and occupy them places baroo. We can all have chicken noodle soup at midnight and sing songs and dance. During the day, we will eat soontala and badaam... after all our netas and civil servants are not really doing any work ni.

The government has now promised to pay the family of Manbir Sunar, 10 lakhs as compensation to his family. And our Dalit brothers have been shutting down districts here and there, protesting his murder and demanding that Sunar be declared a martyr! Today, a dalit woman was thrashed by some sahuji in Damauli for touching his bucket rey. Next time, I hope a dalit women will castrate the sahuji instead.

The two so-called upper caste men who killed Sunar should also be castrated and they should be sentenced to hard labor, digging ditches in Rolpa and fined Rs 10 lakhs baroo. I think the government should sell their lands and give their sampati to Sunar's famiy instead of wasting our taxpayers money by compensating the victim's family.

Our Congressi chors also want that Congressi gunda, who died due to the prison beating by UML gundas, be declared a martyr. His family also received Rs 10 lakhs from our 'wealthy' government.

Our prayers for them Sunar and Poudel families who have lost their loved ones but if our government keeps on paying off every families then I guess there won't be any left for our bato ghato and bijuli batti (as if we have better roads and electricty nai!).

The Congressis should storm the UML HQ and play a game of Dandi Biyo. Our Dalit activists should invade Kalikot and live in them upper-caste homes and use their land for some collective farming baroo ... but please stop shutting down districts and screwing it up for the rest of us kya.

Lately, we have seen lot of robberies and murders in the valley. Even the soon-chaadi sahujis are shutting down our cities and demanding compensation kyaaruh. Maybe our government would be better off if they came up with some kind of a 'blood money' thing kya.

We do need to reform our laws saws hola.... if you kill someone then you not only spend 20 years doing hard labor in them remote districts but you also have to pay like 30 lakhs to the victim's family.... ki kaso?

And if you are a broke-arse jackass and you can't afford to pay the 'blood money' then you can work for another 20 years more and eventually pay off the victim's family!

Khoi kay bhanney.... the government has announced that it will provide Rs 25,000 to them folks in Terai who are suffering from them cold wave stuff.... tyo paisa pani sabai local cadres lay khaney tuh ho ni! Maybe, we should all donate our blankets and coats and ask the Rotary people to go to Terai and distribute them to the people there.

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