Friday, January 6, 2012

Gas, Bus & Cuppas

While our “hardworking” netas are all bundled up, “ordinary” folks are dying across the country because they don’t have warm clothes for the winter.

Maybe our “honest” Home Minister should ask one of the “Police” tender wallahs to supply all of us “Parkas” or if there isn’t enough money in the state coffers, we’ll be more than happy to receive “thermal” underwear. At least, it’ll keep us warm for the winter.

No Oil Corporation (NOC) loses billions of Rupees each month and them hakim sahebs still haven’t figured out how to stem the losses.

Our visionary netas and competent civil servants all seem to be driving around in gas-guzzling SUVs.

I think we can save a lot of fuel if our public servants used public transportation, like the rest of us.

Maybe somebody should file a writ in the Supreme Court hola. Who knows, if our judges can find all of them “free gaadis for hakims” illegal, then at least we can see our “Shree Tin” sarkars trying to haggle with our khalasis and enjoy being packed like sardines in them microbuses.

If, for security reasons it’s not feasible for them to travel like us gnats and flies, then we can arrange buses for them. Sajha buses will be running soon rey. And they are right across the Mantri Quarters.

Our grand old blue buses can drop our mantris off at work. We can save a few liters of petrol, and pretty soon, we’ll save thousands of liters and maybe NOC will be able to pay their outstanding dues to the Desis on time.

Our government had earlier informed us that it was willing to make the “unpopular” decisions like raise them fuel prices and what not. I guess, like every other government before, our current gang don’t want to take the risks.

After all, we have “Nepal” banda for the sake of bandas; so nobody really wants to rock the boat because our politicians don’t have the courage to do the right thing. They don’t really want to solve any problems but are very good at prolonging them.

Instead of providing subsidies on fuel and cooking gas, why not give us all bicycles? Pollution will go down. We’ll all be physically fit and our blood pressure will go down as we’ll no longer need to argue with the microbus khalasis for that “one” Rupee!

At this rate of underdevelopment, we’ll probably be a “solar” nation by 2020. Well, that can only happen if our government provides subsidies on them solar panels.

I hear the Chinese are really good at this. So, instead of asking for billons of dollar in credit, why not just ask them to give free “solar panels” for all of us. Trolley buses are now rusting; we can run them “solar” buses someday.

We all know that the load shedding problems are here to stay, probably forever, because our “patriotic” politicians are doing us a great favor by scaring away both potential domestic and foreign investors and their own cadres are busy extorting the ones who are already here.

So, instead of bragging about how rich we are in terms of water resources, maybe we can make billions in carbon credit if we go “solar,” ki kaso? No Electricity Authority (NEA), like the NOC, has been begging the government to raise the electricity tariff.

The former “Energy” minister did a pretty good job but our netas thought it was just another circus act. Riding a Mustang was definitely a nautanki natak.

He should have gone for a Reva or maybe got himself a scootie, baroo. Cutting off electricity supply is not an act, it was the “right” decision and I guess our ministries and large industries are back to “free” electricity again.

Our public enterprises should minimize their losses by controlling leakages and making sure that them Ministries and their own employees pay for it instead of getting free fuel, electricity and what not.

While freeloaders have all the fun, we the taxpayers have no option but to grind our teeth and wake up at 4 am to check if there is water on our taps.

The groundwater levels in the Valley are decreasing at an alarming rate. Melamchi will probably take another 50 years to arrive, or it never will.

Maybe it’s time we all go for “rain harvesting” this monsoon. We won’t have to curse the Khanepani people or pay private water tankers for their gooey water.

How about some subsidies on them storage tanks for rainwater harvesting, Dr. Saheb?

Our government doesn’t care. They are more worried about how to extend the CA term again while Nepali janatas are without “gaas, baas and kapaas.” Or in New Nepal, we can say, “Gas, Bus and Cuppas.”

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  1. gas bus and cuppas! guffadi ji ta pun ko master nai ho