Saturday, September 8, 2012

Maoists are not terrorists....

Our great comrades are no longer terrorists. Well, that's what our Amrikans tell us kyaaruh. The US government has decided to remove our Mao In.c from its terrorist list rey. 

I hope our Emperor had a nice party at his Lazimpat Palace hagi. It's already been months and he hasn't left his palace yet. Jay guff diye pani hoonay rahecha.. hamra chor neta haroo lay!

The new Amriki ambassador is in town. Peter Bodde looks like he could be a bouncer at one of them local US$ 3 ko pitcher pauney bar in Texas hehe! I hope His Excellency will hit the gym and lose some weight pani.

Maybe he should go trekking this Dashain ... do the ABC (Annapurna Base Camp) thing and lose like 20-30 pounds. Instead of walking, he should just go running up them hills hola.

According to the US government, them Amriki folks and companies can now engage with our comrades rey. That's great news. I hope our Emperor will invest his loot in them hydropower projects and GE (General Electric) will give him a discount hola ni. GE makes them turbine subrine stuff kyaaruh.

I met a political insider the other day. He was telling me that nearly all of our netas have them Swiss bank accounts rey. There was a guy in the bar, drinking 'Blue Label' and his wife looked like she was going to attack the bartender. Well, she really looked pissed off .. khoi kinuh ho?

Anyways, the story is.. the whiskey guy helps our netas to stash their ill-gotten money in them Swiss banks rahecha. But it's not going good because he has already lost his two sons. 

Both of them happened to be junkies rey and probably OD'ed hola. Abuh tyetro commission khaa-ko kay kam. The guy must be worth Karods and his wife looked like she was really into Botox-ing. Taruh kay ko laagi? We are not going to live forever. I hope he will donate his money to charity before he shoots himself hola.

I really don't understand why our comrades don't invest in them hydropower projects. Instead of just extorting hydropower developers... why not just start your own project ni baroo. The Mao Inc. should start their own tourist buses, tea shops, guest houses. Baroo karykarta lay kaam pani pauney and the big boss will get his cut pani.

Mao Inc. has invested in some hospitals and media companies and them so-called commercial buildings around town. But none of them are making money because our comrades really don't know how to run a business. 

Instead of asking shady characters for financial advice, get the lads and ladies from KUSOM, Ace and Apex baroo.. tyee sabai MBA wallahs! I think they would rather do a better job than jagga dalals and commission wallahs!

I think our Emperor should visit Amrika and invest in gas stations, laundromats and delis. That would really piss off them Desis, Koreans and Chinese hola... hehe! But he will get a green card ni. And our polygamist prince can drive around in a Porsche with his third wife pani. He could open a Nepali restaurant as well.

The Amrikis now think that our comrades are no longer terrorists. Why? I don't know. Back in them days, they did kill Nepali security guards who worked at the US Embassy kyaaruh. Thank God .. they didn't target any Amrikis or else... all our top management at Mao Inc. would now be spending their days at some federal penitentiary in the Midwest.. hehe!

Amrika's foreign policy really sucks but they do take care of their own. I still remember them days when some crazy Pakistani killed some Amrikis outside the CIA ko HQ kyaaruh. The guy fled to Pakistan but the Amrikis got him. When are we going after them Iraqis who killed 12 of our brothers? When will we invade Bhutan?

The Amrikis got Saddam and Bin Laden pani. Well, these two fools were actually great friends with the Kuireys then but I guess things didn't turn out right hagi. Now, the Pakistan ko Haqqanis are the new member of the Amriki hit list kyaaruh.. hehe! 

Jalaluddin Haqqani was once a CIA 'asset' in the 80s.You can cheat on your lover and get away with it but don't ever piss off them CIA wallahs .. hehe... they will come after you. And the Desi RAW is like the mini-CIA and our comrades are their beaches! It's a sad story... myaaan!

Baidya dai and his new Mao start-up will one day be in the Amriki terrorist list unless our Emperor invests in a raksi company and gives Baidya dai 50% share nai. I hear.. Baidya dai is a hard-core drunken master... well, he is a hard-core commie... he needs to read Aristotle Baba and his 'moderation' thing and be a jogi baroo!


  1. Very nicely written... Maile ta yo page bharkharai paako ni ta... Hasda hasda petai dukhyo k...

  2. The cartoons you put up are really awesome. Do you do them yourself? If you are taking from elsewhere, why don't you give credits or quote the original source?