Monday, September 10, 2012

Give our women a chance....

I think it's about tyam the All Nepal Football Association (ANFA) wallahs scrap the men's national team and just divert the funds to help our women's team baroo. If we can provide better training, chiya bhatta and incentives then our women will probably rule the SAARC region and one day will be the Asian champions pani!

Our men's team lost to Cameroon 5-0 in the Nehru Cup a few weeks ago. Our women's team thrashed Pakistan 8-0 in the SAFF champions being held in Sri Lanka. The other day, they beat Maldives 5-0 to reach the semifinals nai. It's about tyam... we send our women's team to Amrika so that they can train with the kuirey-nis.

I think we should send our young women to Amrika to play for them US colleges. Scholarships haroo pani milcha ani they will get a degree and will one day play in the Amriki league pani. ANFA has them academy for young lads. Now it's time to groom our young ladies.... not to be housewives but to be the best football players in the world!

I think Nepali women are pretty good and ANFA can do us a favor if they focus on the ladies until 2020. We might even get to the World Cup. And what about our men's team? Well, first they better beat Maldives like ten times in a row and then be the SAFF champions forever.. tyes pachi Asian team haroo lai jitoom ani balla World Cup ko sapana dekhoom hai.

Our men's national team will probably qualify for the World Cup in 3020 AD! We won't be be alive then but our women have the potential to reach the World Cup before the end of this decade! So let us all pitch in... raise some funds and provide a maasik talab of Rs 25,000 to each of them national team players.

Why 25k a month? Kathmandu ma ghar bhaada kehi naw-bhaye pani 3-4,000 tuh parcha nai. Euta sano kotha ma tuh rakhney kura bhaye-nuh ni. Euta apartment ma chaar jana basey pani 15,000 ko dar lay ek jana ko bhaag ma 4,000 tuh parcha.. batti ruh paani ko pani ali ali jo-doom... even though dhara ma paani au-daina ani batti ko taal tyestai ho ni!

Diet siet (not the zero-size model natak) ko laagi pani paisa cha-hi-yo. Din ma 500 tuh yeso ramro diet laagi rakhoom. Ani recharge card, hafta ek choti Civil Mall ma feelim ruh ali ali pocket kharcha garda 25K lay chahi jay hos Kathmandu ma basnaw pugcha hola.

Players ruh coach garey ruh 30 jana pugey pani.. it would be around Rs 7.5 lakhs per month. Yeta oota garda around Rs 1 crore per year. If we can contribute Rs 1,000 per month then we would need like 1,000 folks matrai. I am in .. are you?

We need to open a 'We Love Our Women' (WLOW) club soon. Our women are now in the semifinals of the 2nd SAFF Championship. I think they will face India again in the finals like last year. We lost to India 1-0 kyaaruh. Let's hope our women will beat the Desis this time!

Nepal is doing pretty good in cricket pani. We might not be good enough to play against them big guns but we are now in the Division 3 rey. And it might take us another five years to reach the top level but we will get there!

So let us all gherao ANFA and submit our 1-point demand... hehe! Let's not have a men's national team for another decade .. let's give our women a chance to rule the world! Let's give it a shot... 10 years... let's invest in our women's team and we will one day be watching them play in the World Cup! 

The only way our men's team will improve is if we send our 12-year-olds to Barcelona. Yes, send 30 of them to train with the Barca youth. And maybe a decade later, we will have our own Messis and Ineistas. 

But our ladies .... don't need foreign coaches and they don't even have a decent league nai... but they are still one of the best teams in the region. They want to play the game unlike our men with their stupid hair-eestyles and fokatey ko ego sego ... who think they are Messi and Ronaldo but still haven't figured out how to play as a team!

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