Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hurray for Murray....

Andy Murray has finally done it.... he now has a Grand Slam singles title to his name. Murray is now the first British since 1936 to win a Grand Slam singles tournament. Myaan.. it took them 76 years .... but now them kuireys can sleep better hola ni. 

I guess them Brits are like them Halley's Comet jastai... harek 75 barsa pachi auney hehe!

Murray will probably win more as he is just getting started abuh! He got lucky the fifth time .. like his coach Ivan Lendl. The moral of the story chahi... you just have to stay in the game and keep your head up.... ek din tuh afno tyam aucha kya! 

So if the girl (woman) of your dreams rejects your FB friend request for the fourth tyam.. don't worry.... like Murray.. you might be lucky after that.. hehe!

Murray won the Olympics gold medal and the last tyam Britian had a Olympic champion ... tennis ma... was like 100 years ago kyaaruh!. I hope Murray wins the Wimbledon someday. Afno home court ma jitnoo ko mazza arkai cha ni.

Sean Connery was there (still alive.. eh?).... Alex dai (still chewing gum like crazy!) was there and they were all rooting for Murray because all of them are from Scotland. 

I hope Murray wears them kilt silt in the next game! And some Bollywood musician will come up with "Kilt kay woo-purr kya hey?"... and who knows maybe Madhuri Dixit will once again show us her 'Dhak Dhak' skills!

The Scots should now unite and seek independence from Britain! It's about tyam ... innit? The British media tells us that only 33% support the 'independence' natak rey. Go Scotland... we support you... baroo yeso Nepali lai free visa milcha ki?

Murray can be King Andrew IV and  Sir Sean Connery can be the khoi kay bhanney... baajey tuh jaaney bela bhayo... he can be the head knight hola ni... hehe! 

Sir Alex can be the court jester. Everybody loves Manchester United but I have always been a Liverpool fan since I was a kid. Tyeti bela they were the league champions. Yes paali pani feri hamro team tuh paaat nai cha....taruh support tuh garnai paryo ni.

The last tyam any Scottish player won any of them tennis stuff was back in 1896 rey. Lau jaa... if Murray wins them Wimbledon then he will probably get knighted by the Queen. 

But if Scotland goes indie then Murray can knight himself hehe! And then we won't have to remember the crazy Idi Amin as the last King of Scotland!

Abuh aroo kura kay thawp-ney... Hip Hip Hurray .. for Murray and Baburam dai should also support statehood for Scotland like he does for them Palestinians! 

I don't know much about them Scots... Haggis, Sean Connery, Kenndy Dalglish ... and of course... tyo geet 'Danny Boy' ... ye sorry.. tyo tuh Irish song po ho kya.. anyway Scotland has Danny Bhoy... the comedian.. hehe!

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