Saturday, May 3, 2014

Cash for Clowns

It's good to be a neta in this land of ours. They get free vehicle, fuel, security, chiya kharcha and when they have health problems, they get to fly abroad and seek medical treatment at the expenses of our taxpayers. But the common citizens have to empty their pockets to get even the basic of all services. 

Our brothers and sisters in remote areas have to spend lakhs of Rupees to charter helicopters to seek medical treatment in the capital. But if you are a corrupt clown then you don't have to spend a penny on your own because our cash-rich government will go all out to make sure that you get the best treatment available abroad. 

You spend your whole life fooling the public and one day, you get to be one of the so-called top leaders and that's when you get all the dough rolling in. Once you hit the jackpot, you get all the freebies the state has to offer and it will even be enough for your clan, cadres and far away cousins.

Our great leader KP Oli is in Bangkok and our government is happy to provide Rs 4 million for his treatment.  Our Prime Monster, who seem to have only three mobile phone as asset, has directed government officials to adopt all possible measures for Oli's treatment. 

Let's hope that someday we will have someone in Baluwatar who will direct government officials to adopt all possible measures to provide free healthcare to common citizens instead of only for corrupt clowns.

KP Oli is not a poor man. He has enough cash and land to fund his treatment on his own. But why are our clowns happy to receive free cash and benefits from the state coffer even when they don't need it?  

We have hundreds of Swami-jis from India visiting our land to promote peace and all the natak that comes with simple living and high thinking. And our netas meet and greet them but learn nothing from the preaching of the so-called gurus. 

But of course, most of our byaparis are also followers of such Swamis and yet, they continue to make money from fake VAT bills and adulterated products. Maybe, the Swamis are fake or his followers are just making sure they go to heaven by building temples and providing cash to the Swami and his entourage.

Our government hospitals are mostly run down due to mismanagement and limited resources whereas the private byaparis open hospitals and over-charge us to make tons of profits. The Desis built a trauma center in the middle of the city but our government has yet to begin operation because everybody wants to make some money in hiring and procuring medical equipment. 

Instead of spending millions for our clowns, our government should buy air ambulance so that the common folks can use them to fly to Kathmandu for medical treatment. It would be better if we had better hospitals in the districts. 

Maybe, we should ask all our foreign donors to build hospitals in all the districts in the country and they can operate our health posts in all the VDCs as well. 

After all, our government neither has the funds nor the human resources to help us and it would be nice if we had a competition for bideshis to run the best hospitals in the country. Yes, instead of wasting millions of dollars on so-called peace building and other nataks, our bideshi donors should spend more to build better hospitals.

But of course, our sarkari medical quacks and private byaparis will join hands to fight foreign help to make sure that they continue to make money by providing inadequate medical services to the common folks. 

A doctor who spends decades working in district hospital gets nothing from the government when he suffers from cancer but politicians who spend decades taking this country down the drain gets millions so that they can get the best available treatment.  

Instead of going to Delhi, Bangkok, Singapore, Tokyo and even far away to New York to seek medical treatment, our clowns should have asked the hospitals there to open their branches here in this land. Thousands of us now go to India and spend lakhs of Rupees to seek better medical treatment for our families. We do not get any help from the government and we have to use our own savings. 

But our clowns have no shame in getting funds from the state coffer for their medical treatment. Our politicians act as if the country owes them everything. Just because you have the ability to dish out hundreds of useless speeches doesn't make one a good politician. And just because you are a politician doesn't mean that you get free money at our expense. 

Let's all wish KP Oli a speedy recovery so that he can come back and be the new UML chairman. But KP Dai, please use your network, funds and cadres to build a world-class hospital and leave a legacy instead of just being one of them who got to enjoy all the perks and left us with nothing.

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