Saturday, May 31, 2014

Rip off the Public

Our incompetent government celebrated the 7th Republic Day with the usual circus acts such as releasing the pigeons, march-past by our security personnel and showering flowers from Army helicopters. We need some creative folks to organize such events instead of the civil servants who have been following the same routine forever.

Save our pigeons, flowers and fuel.  Yes, even the pigeons must be cursing our clowns who seem to hold the bird as if they are taking a chicken for lunch. The flowers can be used to honor the real heroes instead of the freeloaders. 

And Nepal Army should be using their helicopters to rescue the common folks during natural disaster instead of hovering over Tundikhel and showering flowers on our buffoons.

We have been a Republic since 2008 but the people are struggling to live a decent life whereas our  corrupt clowns, civil servants and contractors have been busy ripping off the public. Our government must stop hosting such events at Tundikhel.  

This is a New Nepal but we seem to be sticking to the same old routine.  So, let's hand over the other half of Tundikhel back to the public because the Army doesn't need the space except to hold such parades for our buffoons. 

And our security personnel are better off helping the public instead of wasting their time rehearsing for such events.

Our incompetent government must move such functions to the National Stadium.  And instead of just our corrupt netas, civil servants and diplomats enjoying the show, please invite the public as well. After all, if the people had stayed home instead of taking to the streets, our netas would not be having fun today.

Next year, let's have the 'Republic Day' celebration at the national stadium and provide at least half the seats to the common folks.  The program should early at 6 in the morning and conclude by 10 am so that we can all go home and enjoy our dal-bhat instead of getting sun burn and suffering from dehydration if the program extends till the afternoon.

We should have all ethnic groups show us their local dances and skills such as horse riding, shooting arrows and many more. And please get rid of the march-past by our security personnel.  

We need a march-past by all ethnic groups so that our children will know more about each other instead of just thinking that the army helicopters are used for showering flowers and carrying banners. 

The event should be broadcast live so that those of us who don't get tickets to the show can enjoy it at home. The government should also provide at least one packet of milk to all citizens so that they too can enjoy tea because not all of us will get to drink tea and eat biksoot with the President.

We do not have enough troops and weapons to display during the Republic Day parade like the Desis. But we can at least invite a state guest of honor like them and maybe ask the bideshi chief guest for some dough for our development projects by the end of the program.

It's a shame that our incompetent buffoons decided to postpone the celebration of 'International Everest Day' this year. It would at least been a kind gesture if our netas, civil servants and diplomats had taken a minute of silence to remember the Sherpas who lost their lives in the Everest avalanche recently during the Republic Day parade.

Common folks care about the country whereas our clowns only care about their cousins and cadres. If it was one of their own who had perished in Everest then they would have received millions of Rupees and be declared martyrs.  

Our netas remind us that foreign hands and right-wing forces want to take away all the gains made so far.  But it is them who have done nothing to institutionalize the democratic republican order in the country.  Nepotism rules over meritocracy.  

The political parties themselves are not democratic and yet they preach what they do not practice.  Our Home Minister himself violates traffic laws and parks his vehicle in the middle of the street. He does not need to use the zebra crossing or the overhead bridge while crossing the road because he thinks he owns this land of ours. 

And SSP Ramesh Kharel should not rant against his seniors because they are all hard working cops who had hoped to become AIGs without buying new briefcases for Bam Dev. Well, we already have our new AIGs and let us all believe that our Home Minister and his crew promoted them based on their merit instead of moolah!  

Let us all take a minute to remember and honor our martyrs who sacrificed their lives for a better tomorrow. We should also do the same for our Sherpas who have perished while climbing Everest. 

Our incompetent government may forget them but we must not.  Late Maya Angelou said it best .." You may encounter many defeats, but you must not be defeated."

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