Saturday, May 10, 2014

The Right to Loot

Our corrupt netas loot the state treasury so that their clans and cadres can live a good life. Our civil servants ask for bribes from service seekers so that they can make enough to pay the mantri for lucrative postings and set aside some dough to build a mansion in the capital. 

Our contractors do shoddy work so that they can build a nice villa in the outskirts of the valley. And we can't expect much from our contractors because they need to set aside chiya kharcha for our civil servants and mundrey gundas who are affiliated to major political parties. 

I think we will see the result of their inferior work, come rainy season, when all the newly paved roads will develop potholes the size of a pond.

And, we have our taxi wallahs who threaten to block the streets of Kathmandu if they are not allowed to tamper their meters. We have the transport wallahs who do not allow other vehicles to ply on the road because it's their area and they act like they own the highways.  

Our fuel tanker wallahs who get paid to transport the fuel for Nepal Oil Corporation now threaten to halt all distribution of fuel because they get caught looting. 

The tanker wallahs have been stealing fuel for ages but I guess someone forgot to pay the thulo mancheys and they got busted. We all know that we have been using adulterated fuel products but we are not in the position to take action against them chors. 

Those in authority have been making money from the byaparis and as always, it's us, the consumers who suffer. 

It's ironic that half of our political parties call themselves communist and claim to be fighting for the people but instead are actually 'wild capitalist pigs' who do not care about the problems of common citizens. 

I think they should get rid of the sickle and hammer nataks and just have bundle of banknotes as their party flags.

It seems like everyone is making money except the common folks. The clowns, civil servants, cops, contractors and con artists are making millions of Rupees whereas millions of us have no choice but to go to foreign lands to make a few Dinars and Ringgits. So when will all this looting stop?  

Some of us had expected the great comrade chairman to be our knight in shining armor. We were ready to forgive and move ahead hoping that the Maoists would finally take us to the promised land. 

But like the previous players, the comrades were busy looting the state funds and having fun. What happened on the way to Kathmandu?  

Why do our netas, who are willing to sacrifice their lives when they are fighting against the system, suddenly develop amnesia and morph into the evil oppressor they had fought against?

Our political parties tend to split because of petty issues.  Someone did not get to be the central committee member, let’s split. The other guy didn’t get the bottle of Red Label during Dashian, so it's time to split. If your cadres don't get access to state funds then it's time to break up the party and form your own circus company.  

Our netas who once travelled on foot in remote areas now need choppers to do the same. Our netas need bigger gas-guzzling SUVs and armed security personnel to drive around in the city now but before they hit the jackpot, they were more than happy to squeeze into the micro and feel and breathe the sweat of the common folks.  

Our great Emperor has once again shown us that he is not willing to let go off the money and muscles.  He wants to be the leader of his party for life. Dr. Saheb walked out of the national convention and is now in China.  He wants to learn the development model of the dumpling gang. 

So let us all learn a thing or two from our smarty pant! It's never too late to learn new stuff.

Baidya Ba is hell bent on picking fights with India and wants to prevent the Desis from investing in the hydro power projects in the country. Baidya Ba is still pissed at being arrested in India many years ago. 

If Baidya Ba and his angry birds really care about the people then they should operate fuel tankers and taxis so that the consumers will get clean and unadulterated fuel and won't have to pay double the meter fare.

The UML have been postponing their own convention because their leaders can't seem to agree on anything. Jhallu Baba is in China because he really wants to try out the shark fin soup. Maybe, he should launch his new music album in China and ask the Chinese to sing it in Mandarin. 

We are not sure if we will get the so-called constitution in a year but we are pretty certain that the looting will continue. Maybe, we should all wear sturdy boots and get on with the football 'World Cup' fever and practice some free kick skills on our chors. 

Just imagine their back side as the ball and go for it! And maybe, ask your buddy to capture it in your mobile and YouTube it as well. This country needs arse-kickers to fight against the arse-kissers!

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