Saturday, May 17, 2014

What Would Buddha Do? (WWBD)

There were hundreds of programs across the country to celebrate Buddha Jayanti this year.  We had cycle rallies, awareness rallies, pujas, walkathons and what not. But, most of us only remember Lord Buddha when the Desis claim that the 'awakened one' was born in India. 

Siddhartha Gautam was born in present day Nepal and achieved enlightenment and nirvana across the border. He would probably be our first Non-Resident Nepali (NRN) and the NRNA should have him as their patron saint. 

Siddhartha had a mid-life crisis at the early age of 29 and left his family, wealth and everything to seek enlightenment. Our netas start with nothing, sacrificing everything to fight the system but when they get power, they are busy looting instead of sticking to their principles that got them there in the first place. 

I think it is a great disrespect to Buddha's birthplace and his teachings whenever our corrupt netas visit Lumbini and ask us all to be like Buddha. What about the crooked good for nothing freeloaders themselves? When will they learn to at least follow some of Buddha's teachings so that they can promote good governance?

If our corrupt clowns were to follow Buddha's teachings then they would have to stop lying and cheating to enrich themselves. They would not be asking their cadres to engage in violence and destroying public property. They would be leading a simple life instead of wasting our taxpayers money to live like the Shree Tins.

Our Comrade Chairman had earlier promised us that he would bring billions of Dollars to Lumbini with the help from an non-existent Chinese NGO.  

Well, we are still waiting for the US$3 billion investment for the Disney-fication of Lumbini. We are also waiting for an international airport so that millions of Buddhist tourists can fly straight to Lumbini.

But Lumbini isn't getting any new investment anytime soon. So, it would be better if we promote a 'walking trail' to Lumbini from Kathmandu. Tourists will land in Kathmandu and then prepare themselves for a month long walking tour all the way to Lumbini. It would probably benefit all the chiya pasals along the way instead of only the domestic airlines and hotels around Lumbini. 

I think we should have a 'What Would Buddha Do?" campaign and pressure our netas to act according to Buddha's principles. I know that it is only wishful thinking but Baburam seems to be the only person who could be like Buddha. 

After all, he has decided to concentrate more on study and research instead of hanging out at Peris Danda and getting into verbal cat-fight with the Emperor.

Baburam is okay. Hisila Yami Didi is not. So, if Dr. Saheb really wants to be like Buddha then this is the right time to leave everything to seek enlightenment. 

We know that our 'great one', the Emperor will never step down and be a simple cadre. He can't let go off all the muscles and money that he has managed to amass in the past decade. 

Baidya Ba is back and is now busy hanging out with both Laurel and Hardy. Our comrades talk about uniting all communists and we hope they would be successful in their 'unity' natak. At least, our fake VAT bill byaparis won't have to pay off four different communist trade unions. 

Maybe, the FNCCI wallahs should help the Emperor and his courtiers to bring all communists under one big tree and then ask them to meditate for a few days. If that doesn't free their minds then God help us all. But instead of leaves, the tree should have money. 

Yes, tie up bundles of notes and that could really help our communists to see the light. After all, our comrades who claim to fight for the people have been peeing on people's aspirations for the past two decades.

The Congressis are no better and the Madhesi parties only care about the moolah instead of helping the folks in the Terai region. This is the land of Buddha and yet we have only been governed by a bunch of thieves for the past two centuries. 

We now have many monasteries around Kathmandu Valley. The great Lamas in remote regions visit Kathmandu by chartering helicopters and stay in five-star hotels. Yes, they receive financial support from many Buddhists around the world but instead of only organizing special pujas and sermons, why not help the poor in their surrounding communities as well?

We cannot expect our netas or even religious and social leaders to change overnight but come next election, whenever that will be, let us vote for candidates who have integrity and  high moral character instead of the regular bunch of liars, thieves and freeloaders! 

Until then, let us all be like Buddha and be happy and content with what we have instead of cheating the next person to make a few Rupees more. 

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