Saturday, April 26, 2014

Ganesh Thapa Must Go!

Ganesh Thapa has been  heading the All Nepal Football Association (ANFA) since 1994 and it's about time, he stepped down and let others lead ANFA to greater heights. 

No man or woman should be allowed to lead any public organization for more than a decade. If you can't bring any changes in ten years then it would be foolish for all of us to expect the moron to do better again.

Let's learn a thing or two from Communist China. The dumpling gang change their leadership every decade. The old ones retire and spend their days swimming, drinking tea and practicing calligraphy. 

But that's not the case across the border where our Desi Dosa wallahs cling on to power until their last breath.  I think our netas and public officials follow the 'Desi' formula and work together to make our lives miserable.

A few  of our 'A' Division football clubs have boycotted the ANFA meetings because Thapa and his crew have been using the ANFA funds to enrich themselves while doling out peanuts to the clubs. 

Manang Marshyangdi Club (MMC) won the league last year and they have not received the full cash prize of Rs 7.5 million yet.  Maybe Thapa and his lads want to pay the league winner in installment that will go on for another decade.

ANFA receives hundreds of thousands of dollars from FIFA to develop football in Nepal but most of the funds go to pay off district Presidents and other members who have voting rights. 

No wonder, Thapa has two-third majority in the executive committee and he knows very well that no one can kick him out unless those who have received gift hampers suddenly develop a sense of morality and do the right thing.

Thapa is also good at keeping close ties with our politicians. A few weeks ago, one of our footballers received an apartment and our Emperor was there to hand over the gift. Both Thapa and our Emperor have three things in common. 

One, they both have been heading their respective organization for more than two decades. They both act like they have the divine right to lead their organization. And the most important stuff is of course the moolah. The Emperor controls all the funds and so does Thapa and they both use it to win over other comrades to help them stay on top.

Anil Gurung received a car thanks to Ncell. I hope ANFA will be kind enough to at least give him a free monthly voucher that will allow him to at least fill up 20 liters of petrol. Our ANFA officials don't have to worry about paying their bills but our footballers and clubs are struggling with financial problems.

It's not that we don't have good footballers in the country. Bimal bhai is doing great during his trial with a European club. Some of our footballers are playing in professional leagues in Asia. 

But here at home, our ANFA lazy bums fail to run the league consistently. One year, they do it and the next year, they scrap it and make it tough for our football clubs to survive.

Thapa's son received US$100,000 a few years ago from a Qatari who had high hopes of becoming the FIFA head someday.  Thapa claimed that it was a personal loan deal and it has already been cleared. 

If Thapa had the brains instead of only brawn then he would have asked the Qatari to provide millions to develop football in this country. Maybe, the Qataris would have even built us a few football stadiums and we would be more than happy to have 'Qatar Foundation' plastered all over the stadiums.

The Cricketers boycotted the national tournament and our Cricket Association wallahs were forced to sit down work towards resolving the crisis. 

Maybe, our football clubs should all boycott ANFA and without any football clubs in the country, ANFA can then organize maybe a two-a-side football tournament and have their own officials play the game. 

Ganesh Thapa shows no signs of quitting and instead, he challenges those not happy with his dictatorship to throw him out. He believes that ANFA is the most transparent organization in the country.  

Maybe, our football clubs should demand all the hisab kitab and how much dough he has spent so far making other district Presidents and voting members happy. 

After all, in this land of ours, you need the money and the muscles as well to win elections, be it national politics or in any other organizations.

Thapa is a former national team captain  and he knows very well how hard it is to survive playing football in this country. But Thapa and his crew are enjoying the high life while our football players play for the love of the game and barely make enough to live a decent life. 

We may not play in the World Cup any time soon but we should be winning most of our matches against our South Asian rivals. Thapa's two decades of dictatorship must come to an end but we need someone who will do his or her best to develop football instead of just having ANFA officials and their kids looting the funds.

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