Saturday, April 5, 2014

Got a Green Card?

If you are a civil servant and you have a green card or permanent residency in foreign lands then please be careful not to brag about it to your fellow colleagues. Our incompetent government is now after our hardworking civil servants who have green cards or PR. 

Well, it's a good effort but it would be much better if the government first took action against CA members who happen to have dual citizenship or green cards. Some of our CA members are even found to have been engaged in criminal activities and they are yet to be arrested.   Maybe, being a CA member makes you above the law.

Lal Babu Pandit, the so-called crusader against 'green card wallahs' have called those holding permanent residency in foreign lands traitors.  I think the biggest traitors are our netas themselves who may have Nepali nagarikta but bow down to foreign hands and funds and enjoy looting the state treasury. 

Pandit thinks that our civil servants holding dual citizenship or green cards are a threat to sovereignty of the country as if they are going to sell our state secrets to foreign bidders.  We don't have any nuclear bombs or weapons of mass destruction.  We are not planning to invade India or China any time soon.  

If our bideshi ambassadors want to know what's going on in this lands of ours then they can just drive to the residences of our netas and get the information while drinking doodh chiya. Of course, our netas need some pocket money and foreign agents don't have to really place a mole in our state agencies to get the facts. Our netas themselves will serve as informants if they get some chiya kharcha.

Pandit claims that more than 11,000 civil servants hold dual citizenship.  Our buffoons think that the 'green card' wallahs are not loyal to the country.  Our government should track all the children of our netas who have acquired green card and maybe show them the red card instead.  

Many of our princelings own gas stations, dry cleaners and convenience stores in Amrika.  And the funding did not come from their years of hard work in the land of opportunity but from their fathers who happened to be a mantri for a few months or years.  

Maybe, our government should ask the bideshis to provide us the details of the kids of our politicians who have bought apartments in New York or London.  Some of them must have worked in investment banks or tech start-ups and made a killing but most of them have to thank their parents for their luxury pads.

If our government really wants the civil servants to do their jobs then stop extorting them for promotions and lucrative transfers.  After all, it's our netas who make the moolah from civil servants and then our sarkari hakims have no choice but to extort common citizens to make more money.   So if our netas want to show their loyalty to the country then they should ask their children to come back home and work in remote areas for a decade.   

Yes, civil servants should not hold dual citizenship or green cards and the rule should apply to our netas as well.  Sujata auntie came back from Germany in the 90s so that she should screw up the country by making some dough from our state corporations while her late Daddy was in power.   Was she a German citizen or a PR holder when she decided to come back and make some dough?  
Our government is planning to relocate the Central Jail to Nuwakot. Why not Rolpa or even Dolpa? Yes, locate all prisons to remote areas so that our convicts will have to walk at least a few weeks even if they manage to break out from the prisons.  

I think it would be better if our prisoners were mobilized to help build roads in rural areas. At least, they could be a part of the development projects in the country instead of living in congested jail cells and learning how to extort, kidnap and murder others once they are out of prison. 

And if our politicians and civil servants are convicted and sent to prison then they should do hard labor and maybe work in mines or stone quarries so that they will at least learn a thing or two about what hard work really means.

It's about time we relocated all our fuel stations outside the ring road area so that our roads are not backed up due to fuel shortages. Let's relocate our ministries and government agencies outside the valley so that Kathmanduites can go all the way to Dolpa to pay their utility bills.

Maybe, we should make it mandatory for all able bodied citizens to at least travel 150km from their residence and stay in a hotel for a night and eat dal bhat for lunch at a local pasal once a year.  That would be a big boost for domestic tourism. 

And what about our netas? I think we need to have a law that limits foreign travel by civil servants and corrupt netas. Let's peg it at only one foreign trip per year and not for more than a week and if they are taking their spouses then they will have to pay from their pocket instead of ours.

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