Saturday, June 1, 2013

The Republic

Our  clowns, civil servants and foreign hands celebrated Republic Day in Tundhikhel whereas the rest of us were busy calculating how much we have been ripped off in the past six years.  It’s about time somebody changed the venue and organized a carnival instead.  Why should only our incompetent civil servants and good for nothing netas celebrate government holidays?

Our government can take a few ideas from Chindia. Look at how them Dosa and Dumpling wallahs celebrate their Republic Day. We might not have any missiles or special military hardware to display like our neighbors but it would be nice if we could shut down the ring road area and organize a carnival instead.  

While our incompetent fools celebrate in Tundhikhel, the common folks can all walk to the Ring Road areas and enjoy momos. The young ones can get their face painted while the old ones can enjoy some old hits from yesteryear.

This year’s Republic Day coincided with the 60th anniversary of the first ascent of Everest. We should have made a giant Everest cake and gathered all valley residents along the Ring Road area and sung the National Anthem. That would have gotten us two Guinness World Records in a day.

We know that our government doesn’t  have any funds for the public because most of it are skimmed off and distributed to political cadres, shady contractors and of course their near and dear ones But it’s about time our clowns stopped wasting taxpayers money by organizing special functions in Tundhikhel.  They could have at least given each of us a flag and we could have at least planted it on our roof-tops or vehicles or walked around town waving it.

While the evil doers get to sit inside and enjoy the same old circus acts from the Nepal Army, the real jantas are outside the gates, dreaming of the day when they would be sitting on the VIP seats. Maybe, the government should build another ground to host such events somewhere outside the ring road area and Tundhikhel can be a playground for the people.

The President can have his tea party but why not give us all a packet of milk, a few tea bags and a cup of sugar. Then, we can organize our own tea party at home and thank the government for at least providing us something.

We managed to get rid of an absolute ruler and expected our lives to get better. Well, are we better off than we were six years ago?  The only folks who are making the moolah are our corrupt clowns, incompetent civil servants and shady contractors. Not much has changed since Tenzing Dai and Hillary climbed Everest sixty years ago.  The players have changed but the system still remains the same.

We thought our comrades would be different. But they turned out to be the same as the previous clowns.  Karl Marx must be probably rolling in his grave.  While the crooked clowns enjoy the good life, the rest of us have to deal with rising food prices and shortages of other essential goods.

It’s been six years and we don’t have a King anymore but now we have a bunch of mini Mahrajas. Maybe in a few years, we will go back to the same old 22-24 kingdoms and then some guy or a wonder woman can think of uniting us again.

More than 130 political parties have applied for registration with the Election Commission.  Maybe we should save billions of Rupee in conducting the CA election and just give a seat each to all them parties. The four major circus companies can divide the rest for themselves.

But Baidya Uncle and his crew don’t have any plans to register their party. I guess they are not planning to contest the upcoming CA election. It’s either the lack of muscles and money or they just want to sit on the sidelines and throw stuff at the players just like our Nepali football fans do at the National Stadium.

It’s a shame that our clowns can’t seem to agree on anything except when it comes to sharing the loot.  And the Professionals’ Alliance for Peace and Democracy (PAPAD) decided to boycott the Republic Day event and instead went to New Baneshwor and did their protest natak. Well, it’s a little too late to be acting crazy. Maybe they should change the name to JHAPAD and that could probably scare a few of our clowns to straighten up their act.

It’s much easier when we just have one guy to fight against. Now, we are dealing with hundreds of hooligans. It’s more or less like them zombie movies. Khilly, Lok Man and the rest of the new crew members are not here to save the day. We really need a Super Hero to save the Republic!

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