Saturday, June 8, 2013

The losers strike again

The losers of the week award goes to our men in blue who have once again shown us that they are nothing but a bunch of savages.  It seems like the only job for those who have sworn to protect the public is to prey on them instead. Our successive governments have failed to prioritize police reform and have instead used our chor-police to attack common citizens.

Once again our police wallahs have made us proud by not discriminating against anyone.  They will not leave anyone from Tibetan refugees to former Kamlaris alone. It doesn’t matter if the protestors are young or old or bold or beautiful or if you are wearing Prabal Gurung or a Britney Spears t-shirt from the street hawker in Sundhara. 

Nepal Police have become loyal servants of those in power since the beginning of time. Maybe our IGP saheb should change the training manual before he retires. The existing manual must have chapters on how to use foul language, harass common citizens verbally and physically and ways to rob and rape vulnerable women. 

Maybe our bideshi donors should send their over-paid consultants to train our chor-police on how to handle protestors.  Where are our naari organizations when we need them. What happened to great dames like  Arzoo didi and Bandana didi? Them ladies seem to get lots of funding from the kuireys to fight violence against women but I guess they are busy attending conferences around the world. Instead of just going on foreign junkets and telling the bideshi how our women are oppressed, why not take to the streets and help the real women to fight oppression.

Where are our ‘Occupy Baluwatar’ people?  Standing around, waving placards will not make our incompetent government to listen to our demands. Shutting down the highways will only make it worse. We must ask our mothers and sisters to join the Kamlaris and arm themselves with brooms, sticks and whatever they can get. It’s time to fight back police brutality. 

It’s a shame that our police wallahs dragged our former Kamalris and some were even molested and robbed. Where were our women police wallahs? If Nepal Police doesn’t have enough women personnel then this would be the good time to recruit a thousand more so that we don’t have to watch the men in blue lay their hands on women protestors. Where is the @#$!ing outrage? Where is Khilly dai and his bunch of  incompetent bureaucrats?

All of our political parties have their women organizations. Where are our women leaders?  Maybe they are busy working on their speeches for the next convention. Our netri-nis like Sujata and Bidhya didis have done nothing to help women in this country. Instead they have helped themselves with all you can eat buffet while they were heading ministries.

Our clowns are still fighting over how many buffoons can enjoy the buffet in the new Constituent Assembly. We wasted billions of Rupees on 601 good-for-nothing lazy bums. Now, the Kangaroos and unidentified moronic losers want to downsize to 491 freeloaders. Well, that would at least save us a few millions. When will we have competent folks who will refuse to take a dime for their time from the state coffer?  Instead of writing the constitution, our buffoons were selling their own diplomatic passports and what not.

Our Foreign Ministry wants Rs 750 million to buy luxury vehicles for them big-wigs for the SAARC Summit. Yes, we will be hosting them sharks sometime in 2014 and all them leaders from the neighborhood will need to ride around in bullet-proof Mercedes Benz.  We should go green and will be saving millions if we can get rickshaws. Instead of purchasing bullet-proof vehicles, why not ask them VIPs to bring their own bullet-proof vests and maybe a full-body armor?  

Maybe, we could save all that money if we hosted the summit during the monsoon season. We can then take them heads of states around the city on boats. We have failed to become the next Singapore or Switzerland. Maybe, we can try to be the next Venice.

Baidya uncle and his crew have decided to halt their protest programs during the monsoon season. They do not want the farmers to suffer or maybe they just don’t have enough funds to buy enough gumboots and raincoats for their cadres. The angry birds have been having a tough time collecting money and muscles for their protest programs.  

They could do us a favor if they gathered all their cadres and armed them with buckets. And when it rains and our streets are flooded, they can jump into action and clear the streets.  That would certainly win the hearts and minds of the valley residents. Then we wouldn’t mind pitching in a Rupee or two for their chiya-paan karyakarams. But no shutting down the country, please!

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