Saturday, December 29, 2012

The Silent Majority

The No Oil Corporation (NOC) has done us all a great favor by reducing the price of a liter of petrol by two rupees. Our bike-wallahs lining up to fill their tanks can now use that saving to suck on a candy or two to pass time.

It’s about time our caretaker government introduced some kind of an odd-even vehicle plate system in the valley. It could help to ease traffic congestion, air and noise pollution and our NOC could cut down their losses. 

But of course the NOC wallahs will always find a way to skim off money.  After all, they are as rich as the Emirs from the oil kingdoms!
Our caretaker government should sell all their expensive gas-guzzling vehicles and get cycles for our hakim sahebs. The Army chief is into cycling even if it’s only on Fridays. 

Dr. Saheb should top that by walking to work every day. Maybe then he will realize how much dhulo from the road widening project has affected the health of valley residents.
The No Electricity Authority (NEA) has increased the load shedding hours again. Why are we not surprised?  Dr. Saheb had earlier promised us that he would do everything in his power to  keep the load shedding hours to 12 hours max this winter.
Our netas have always been good at making empty promises and Dr. Saheb is no exception. Yes, we feel sorry for our Ali Baba because he has to make deals with forty thieves but you can’t keep on blaming your players when you are the team captain. 

If you can’t take the heat then quit instead of coming up with new nataks every month.
The cold wave has killed many folks across the country. Dr. Saheb should provide blankets to the needy ones but of course he is busy looking for extra-strength super-glue to hang on to his koorchi.

One of our sisters returning from the Middle East is robbed then raped by our government employees. 

The Immigration wallahs at our international airport are vultures. They have been trained to ask stupid questions and then exploit them folks who are either going or coming back from foreign lands. And if you are a woman and traveling alone then you are more likely to be harassed by these evil gnomes.
The police wallahs deployed at the international airport are not selected on the basis of their merit or skills. Either you need to be a cousin of a cousin of the neta or you need to pay the ‘quoted’ price to get the lucrative posting.
So when will this system change? It’s not going to happen until our mothers and sisters drag the rapist out of the police station and castrate him! We need to gherao the Department of Immigration and make sure that the guy who robbed the woman is tied to the electric pole and flogged publicly.
We do not have the death penalty but it’s about time we had strong laws to make sure that victims get justice and the criminals get the harshest punishment possible.
The caretaker government’s decision to provide Rs 1.5 lakhs to the victim is a slap against all women in the country. A criminal affiliated to a political party gets Rs 10 lakhs when he is killed by a rival gang. 

A woman whose hard-earned money has been robbed and then is sexually assaulted by the one who had sworn to protect the public is being treated like a nuisance.
Where are our naari organizations? Where are all them so-called women activists and civil society leaders? Are they all out of the country attending conferences and workshops on how to uplift the underprivileged Nepali women? 

Where is Hisila Didi?  Instead of running around town trying to get your siblings to head an organization or two, she should go to the police station and grab the rapist by his collar, bhut-lau him and give him a severe beating… and telecast the whole thing live on TV.
Nepal Police had earlier vowed to stop harassment of women in public vehicles and places. Whatever happened to their nautanki natak? We seriously need to change the way our security personnel deal with the general public. 

It’s high time we remind them that their salaries are paid for by our taxes. They have joined the force to serve the public but our public servants have become our masters.
Meanwhile, our beloved President is having fun visiting religious sites in India and getting a honorary doctorate of law. I hope he will do something about the attacks against women in this land of ours. 

Our women are being burnt, raped and murdered but we are not outraged. When will we finally have the courage to stand up and fight against them evil doers?

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