Monday, April 2, 2012

Steve Jobs & I..

Thanks coach for the greatest b'day gift ever... finally got to read Steve Job dai ko kitab by Walter bro! My sister gave me a book about Richard Branson, seven years ago.. she thought I was like him kya... well you know, sabai bahini haroo lay afno dai khatara (in a good way!) cha bhun thaan chan ni!

Now, seven years later... I think my sister is really cool and she will go places! Okay, let's get back to the story of the day hai! Finished reading the book... I usually like to read at one go... but 200-300 page ko short stories haroo tuh ekai raat ma bhya-in-cha... but it took me a few days to read all about Steve dai.

Dherai kura mil-do (as in dough) jul-do rahecha... when it comes to them risau-ney baaney chahi... crazy diets and KISS formula. No I am not talking about chooppa-chooppy... Keep It Simple Stupid bhaneko! I have had my share of crazy diets haroo... like eating aloo and ghiraula for 90 days (pet thik hooncha bhaney-ruh), drinking cream soda for a year (heard it was good for ... nothing! )

I have tried so many things... work, business, aroo nautanki nataks. Now, I know why I failed... because I was never a good salesman..err.. salesperson kya! I have been fired many times. I was even fired as the coach of a sports team ... damn.. and even that job was actually voluntary kya!

I got fired from my last job but that wasn't my fault. The partners decided to get into a messy fight and I was like... hey, fire me first then go kill each other. So.. that's what they did... hehe! And it's not a good idea to tell one of the partner (jay bhaney pani mero boss ho ni!) ko dad that he is a grumpy old man and his son is a mini-Sunny Deol look-alike who can't not only dance but doesn't know sheet!

I got demoted in my current job because I was acting like Steve Jobs (minus the cool ideas but lot of 'This is sheet' stuff) hola... and it really didn't work. Well, Steve Jobs got fired only once and then he came back and that's why we have ieverything! My siblings got their iPod, iPhone, iMac and iPad... but I am still sticking to HTC...hehe! My first computer was Apple II but now I like notebook (tyo sano pocket size kya.. pen wa pencil lay lekhnuh milcha ni!)

So here I am.... old enough to be an uncle to nearly everybody in my tole and I still haven't figured out my sheet! I don't think my sister thinks I am a 'Branson' anymore. I did start out pretty good early in life... with my own newspaper when I was 16 (lasted only a few issues .. hehe!), stock portfolios @ 21 (I still have the 'I died during the Nasdaq crash t-shirt!), anti-war activist @ 26 (that was my 'zen' moment hola haha!)... and now, I am just another grumpy old man! One of my sisters told me recently... 'Thank God, you aren't thinking about climbing Everest anytime soon!'..

I am having a pre-mid-life crisis hola... hehe! Anyways, the book is good... Steve Jobs always knew that he would die young... Amrika ma 50-60 pani young nai ho ni! I always though I would die by 27... not dead yet.. so still going or doing okay but now, I have dheari seto kapaal and have been a very hardworking member of the IBS (International Brotherhood Society aka Irritable BS!)

I have no idea what today's guff is about... just wanted to update something hola! So what did I learn from Steve Jobs ko kitaab... 'reality distortion field' (RDF).... hehe! (google that or wikipedia helps too!) It did work for Steve dai... still hasn't worked out for me!

Jay bahe pani.. Steve dai tuh India ghoom-nuh aunoo bhaako rahecha ni! Yeso Nepal tiruh pasya bhaye, he would probably have stayed here nai hola! He would probably be making a cool 'safa tyampoo' ... color tuh sabai 'white' nai hoon-thyo!

So if you really want to think different then you have to try some LSD rey! I don't agree but we all need our 'Wozniak' hola. Billy Goat (Gates) dai had his 'Paul Allen' ni. Jerry Yang had his Filo... Larry Page has his Russian... abuh the list goes on and on!

If Steve dai was still alive, he would probably singing 'Simple Simple Kanchi ko Dimple Parne Gaala' ... hola hagi!

p.s. and breaking news ma chai.. stupid Ashton Kutcher is going to play Steve dai in some indie flick rey! Lau maryo... where the @$#! is Edward Norton? Kutcher.. go back to Iowa and get on a John Deere (tractor) or something!

Oh.. I forgot.. I really don't have any 'cool ideas' to change the world and my design sense is zero .. so I am not trying to compare myself with Jobs ni feri... usko sabai naw-ramro baani chai mil-do rahecha kya. I guess that's why I like Darth Vader! I really don't care much about the iProducts but Thank You Steve.. for Pixar!

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