Saturday, January 3, 2015

Coats, Cooking Gas & Constitution

First of all, let us all thank our Dairy Development Corporation (DDC) for raising the milk price as we welcome 2015. Now, we might have to think twice about drinking doodh-chiya and maybe it will force us to drink black tea only. 

Our local chiya pasals might want to raise their milk tea prices but if they do so then we won't find armchair political analysts at such places discussing politics early in the morning. 

I think our government should do us all a favor by giving each household a "Holstein Cow' and provide subsidy on fodder. Yes, if we all have a cow at home then we could drink some milk and sell some to DDC as well. DDC would not have to import milk from India and we could all pitch in to meet the market demand for milk. 

Fuel prices have gone down considerably in the past few months but our transport wallahs are not interested to reduce the transport fare accordingly. Most of our clowns are either communists or socialists but they have not shown any desire to formulate policies and programs for the welfare of the common folks. 

Our government seems to be unable to control food prices and prevent our transport wallahs, private schools and hospitals from overcharging us for everything.  It is only us the common citizens who abide by the law while our byaparis are free to make a killing and they only facea slap on the wrist even when they are caught selling adulterated products or evading taxes.

We have a cooking gas shortage every winter. NOC blames maintenance work at the Indian depot this time. But our gas dealers seem to make money anyway. They either ask consumers to buy a new cylinder instead of a refill if they want some cooking gas. NOC was supposed to implement its dual-cylinder policy a long time ago. 

I think it's about time NOC implement the dual pricing and cylinder system as soon as possible. Our gas dealers don't want to spend another extra Rupee to change the colors of the cylinder and NOC can't seem to do anything about it. It seems that our byaparis are running the show in our land.

NOC tells us that it is losing hundreds of Rupees on cooking gas. Why not just go ahead and start charging Rs 2,000 per cylinder for commercial users. I am sure our five star hotels, big businesses and restaurants can easily afford to buy cooking gas cylinders at market price. Meanwhile, the common folks should get at least one free cooking gas refill every winter.

Our folks in Terai and the hilly regions are affected by the cold wave every winter but our incompetent government does nothing to help them. Let us thank the people for their private initiatives to buy blankets and coats for the needy. 

It's about time, we all got a coat and a blanket from the government every winter. It will help us to keep warm and our elderly and children will not have to lose their lives due to the cold.

Our incompetent government does not seem to care for the welfare of the society. Our clowns, civil servants and contractors have joined hands to loot the state treasury and take this country down the drain.  

These three groups of criminals only think about the welfare of their near and dear ones while common citizens have to be content with false promises, slow delivery of basic services and shoddy development works.

We only have less than three weeks left for us all to run out of our homes and celebrate the deliverance of a new constitution by our clowns. But our clowns are not even sure if they can deliver us a draft of the new constitution by January 22nd. 

Our clowns tell us that they are not legally bound to bring the constitution by then but that does not mean that they can procrastinate and take all their time agreeing to disagree on everything except the looting of the state treasury.

Our clowns seem to have no idea what consensus means when it comes to delivering the new constitution. I think we should all remind them that they should follow the same path of consensus when it comes to corruption and apply it to draft the new constitution. 

Our clowns all consent to share the development budget among them instead of it reaching to the intended beneficiaries. Why can't they for once agree to give us a new constitution and other amendments can be made later on through the parliament. 

But of course, our freeloader are still stuck with how many provinces we need and if we need a President like the Amrikans or a Prime Minister like the British. 

If we have a strong President like the Amrikans then we will have one person heading the show for at least four to five years. If we have a strong Prime Minister then he or she will most likely be thrown out of office by members of his or her own party like they did to Thatcher. 

Our Emperor wants to be the new President because he would be our commander-in-chief as well and then he can use the military helicopter every weekend to go to Rolpa and drink some moonshine and mutton chops. 

KP Oli wants to be our next Prime Monster so that he can help more mundrey gundas to become mantris. We, the common citizens just want a winter coat, a cooking gas refill and a (draft of the ) constitution as soon as possible.

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