Saturday, February 1, 2014

Cops Just Want To Have Fun

Our IGP Saheb is busy making sure our police wallahs do their job. He calls meeting at 10 in the evening and expects our hardworking SSPs to be present. If they can’t come up with a valid excuse then they get transferred somewhere else.   Maybe it would be nice if the expected attendees received at least a day notice so that they will have some time to recover from the earlier night's hangover.

I think Nepal Police should come up with a 'no drinking policy' for all its personnel. That way, we will have only doodh-chiya drinking cops and our local liquor store owners won't have to face harassment from the local police beats during the festivals when they ask for free booze.  Maybe, our IGP Saheb should buy good-quality breathalyzers and go on an all-night MaPaSe test, making sure our senior officers are not dead drunk in some alley.

Panchthar police chief DSP Deep Shamsher Rana should be given a special award for organizing a dance party for his fellow police personnel instead of being asked for clarification. DSP Rana wanted his men and women to have a good time so that they could refresh themselves. What's wrong with that?  Instead of facing drunken police wallahs during so-called security checks, isn't it much better to have police wallahs partying inside their compound?

After all, they too need to wind down once in a while. Most of our senior police officers spend their evenings, enjoying a bideshi drink and mutton chops while the low-level police personnel work long hours and get to enjoy inedible food.  

DSP Rana should be applauded for throwing a dance party because he cares for his men and women unlike our senior sahebs who treat them as their personal slaves. Maybe, it would be nice if the Police Headquarters set aside a day each year for annual dance party programs in all district police offices across the country.

DSP Rana threw the dinner party from the money he received as allowance. At least, he didn't ask his fellow personnel to go around town, asking for voluntary contribution like our incompetent political parties do for their tea parties.  Rana is doing a good job in Panchthar. At least, he's been able to collect more dough from traffic fines and other violations for the state treasury than his predecessors. 

There are few police personnel who like to sing and play the guitar. Rana is one of them. You won't find many police officers who like 'Deep Purple' and is into rock music. Well, Rana is one of them.  So let us all give him a pat on his back and send a friend request on Facebook.  

I think he should be transferred to Kathmandu so that there will at least be one police personnel who understand how hard it is to organize a dance party and much harder when the cops show up in the middle of the program and shut it down for no good reason. 

SSP Ramesh Kharel, our hero cop is back in Kathmandu. Let's now hope that our gangsters will at least keep quiet for a while and enjoy themselves at dance parties instead of carrying out their usual extortion rackets. 

If we can have at least a dozen of Kharels in the police force then we will begin trusting our cops again. In 'New Nepal', we feel safer when a bunch of chors approach us for voluntary contribution for their nautanki nataks than a bunch of cops standing on the other side of the Bagmati Bridge waiting to stop us early in the evening and interrogating us with silly questions.  

After all, who in his or her right mind will detour to rob somebody instead of going home for dal bhat at 8 in the evening?. If they really want to do their job well then carry out security checks after midnight till early morning.

Min Krishna, the don from Lalitpur and Nepali Congress harta-karta was shot by another don  a few weeks ago. I hope he is recovering well but it's about time we ask our political parties to stop using hoodlums for their self-interest. 

We can't expect our police wallahs to do their job when political parties provide protection to our dons.  The political-criminal nexus is destroying this land of ours and our police wallahs do not have enough courage to stand up against such chors because they have to worry about their promotions and transfers.

It’s a long weekend for our lazy sarkari wallahs as they celebrate Martyr's Day and Sonam Losar. Hope they will spend their time productively by drinking, playing cards and sunbathing.  Our incompetent government pays respect to our martyrs by putting on garlands and hosting parties for near and dear ones. 

It's funny that many living martyrs who receive pittance while former civil servants and our netas get millions of Rupees for medical treatment abroad.  If our incompetent netas really want to respect our martyrs then please give us a constitution within a year, hold local elections in a few months and stop organizing dance parties for themselves whenever they sign another  how-many-points agreement to loot us all. 

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