Sunday, April 7, 2013

The Return of the Polygamist Prince

Our polygamist prince is back in town after spending months with his new belle in New Delhi.  Like all other Nepalis, he must have missed the momos back home. Either he ran out of  funds  or he just loves cricket so much that he got the patriotic urge to rush back home to attend the ACC T20 Cup.

Afghanistan managed to defeat our team but we must all applaud our Nepali cricketers for their team work and congratulate them on reaching the final.  Hope someday our footballers will make us proud like our cricketers.

Let us all hope that our polygamist prince will ask his daddy to set up some kind of a Sports Fund and award cash prizes to our cricketers. It’s about time our comrades grew up and started giving instead of just asking for voluntary donations from anyone they think has some dough.

We all know that our Emperor is a two-tongued, double-dealing magician and he might just go crazy and announce a cash prize of a million Rupees to our cricketers. But of course, our Comrade Maharaja is good at making pledges but he doesn’t have the time to follow up on it.

Whatever happened to the compensation of Rs 6 million to the Madi blast victims and their families? I guess our comrades do not have the time to withdraw the funds from the party’s bank account. Or maybe the funds are deposited in some other untraceable accounts?

It’s about time our Election Commission wallahs act tough and make sure that our corrupt political parties get their hisab kitab right if they want to fight the election. We can make exception for Baidya uncle and his crew. They are just starting out fresh and they must have spent all the voluntary contributions on their convention. They do not seem to have enough funds for chiya kharcha during their banda karyakarms.

We are still waiting to hear about the US$ 3 billion investment in Lumbini from the non-existent Chinese NGO as well. But like every father, our Emperor wants his son to be a man. He wants junior to take over the party someday.  

After all, without money and muscles, you can’t run such gimmicks for long. If our Emperor had his way, then he would probably have his pictures on every electric pole in the valley. But of course we are not North Korea yet and you can’t take over the country without the blessing of the Desi gurus in New Delhi.

Maybe our Emperor should visit North Korea instead of China and just ask them for help to set up a nuclear reactor in our land. Well, we can’t depend on North Korean technology but it will at least make the Desis give us much more than ambulances and buses. If our clowns really want to act like beggars then they should at least ask for a buffet meal than a small packet of chana-chatpat.

So far, going by the antics displayed by our polygamist crown prince,  he would probably end up getting married more times than late Elizabeth Taylor. At least Lizzie was a Hollywood starlet whereas the only skill our polygamist prince has shown is updating his Facebook statuses every other hour. But that too stopped when he decided to leave his second wife and hook up with another comrade’s missus. 

Our Emperor really wants to groom his son so that one day he will be able to handle the muscles and money. You can’t do that by posting gibberish on Facebook. You need to have charisma to lead your cadres. You need hard cold cash to feed them and when it comes to common folks, you should have no empathy at all.

But our polygamist prince is a lover boy. He feels love for the game of cricket, mountains and other people’s spouses. Maybe he should just climb Everest once again with his new belle and both of them can write their names in the Guiness World Records after playing a game of cricket up there.

The prince and his consort has a month and half to prepare for the feat and the right time to show us the natak would be on May 29th this year when the world celebrates the Diamond Jubilee of the first ascent on Mount Everest by Tenzing dai and Edmund Hillary.

The polygamist prince is now back to being a Newa State Committee member. The party has decided to lift the suspension on the crown prince.  I hope he won’t plan a trip to Mars and ask the government to give him Rs 20 billion this time around.

But of course, we have an interim government now and our comrades will have to wait for the CA elections to find out if they will get to enjoy plundering the state coffer on their own or share it with many other crooks than the previous heist.


  1. I'm feeling second hand embarrassment on behalf of junior Dahal. The Nepali politicians definitely have to realize that if they're going to push their kids into politics, they have to raise them to be smart. Birendra's brother failed miserably, adn so did the Dahal comrade. Idiot, alcoholic children are of no use.

  2. @Kay... khoi Nepal ma kay taal ho kunni... our netas and their kids only care about making dineros... legacy segacy bhanney kura uni haroo lai matlab chaina jasto cha!