Saturday, January 26, 2013

Personal Slaves

It’s tough to be a police wallah in this land of ours. You have to think twice before you arrest a mundrey gunda because he might be affiliated to one of our major political parties.  The Amrikis have them Miranda Rights and the police officer should mention them to the person being arrested.

In this great republic of ours, the police have all the rights whereas the common citizens can do nothing but listen to their verbal abuse and if things get a little out of hand then the laathis and boots come raining down on us. It’s time we have an independent entity to investigate police abuses and take action against the bad apples.
I think we should have ‘Afno Manchey Rights’ where the mundrey gunda should blurt out his political affiliation even before entering the police station. That would prevent our police wallah from displaying their kicking skills and not get into trouble the next day.
What about us? Well, since most of us have no political connections, we just have to pray that the policewallah stopping your motorcycle won’t be another foul-mouthed savage. I think with all them political pressure, our policewallahs find it much easier to vent their frustration on the common folks instead.
Our security personnel seem to spend majority of their time providing security to our clowns instead of common citizens. Our clowns ride around in them gas guzzling luxury vehicles escorted by dozens of security personnel. And we just stand still and curse them.
Maybe, our netas should fund the salaries of our policewallahs from their own personal bank accounts instead of wasting our taxpayers money. Then we won’t have to complain about the police not doing their job.
I think it’s about time we remind our clowns that our police wallahs are not their personal slaves. Not much has changed since the days of the great mandalays.  We now have mini-Maharajas and our police wallahs have to follow their whims.  I hope one of our NGOs will work to free the police from political slavery. 
Our caretaker government has done us proud by recalling the police chief and the CDO saheb from Dailekh district.  Our ruling Maharajas tell us that they were recalled because they failed to maintain security in the district.  The opposition wallahs want us to believe that Dr. Saheb and his crew wanted the police to fire on their cadres.
The police wallahs must be going crazy with all them nataks. Next time, they should just step aside and let them political cadres bash each other and burn down them party offices. Maybe that’s the only way our clowns can resolve the current political crisis. Instead of playing the blame game, it’s time for all our clowns to get-together for a ‘mel-milaap’ karyakaram. Kiss and make up instead of bitching and biting each other.
Hope our political cadres will wake up one day and realize that our clowns are only interested to hang on to power. While the cadres want to kill each other, our netas meet for late night drinking sessions and boast about who can vandalize more stuff.
Most of the time, our police wallahs are good at bending the truth. Instead of protecting us, they come up with funny schemes to extort from the common folks. But sometimes, we do have honest cops who just want to do their job. 

And if he or she wants to find the truth then instead of getting a pat on the shoulder, the clowns threaten them with transfer to a remote area or bodily harm to their families. Even the few good men and women in our police force are forced to turn a blind eye and shut up.
The senior policewallahs have to spend majority of their time, running around kissing our netas’ arses. After all, who doesn’t want to get promoted? But our clowns are good at promoting civil servants based on their bidding amount and political ties instead of merit and talent.

If one wants to get promoted then he or she must take up dancing lessons to learn how to dance to the tune of our politicians.
Our comrades have their convention next week. The fundraising drive is now on full swing. Maybe our netas should learn a thing or two from the Amrikis. Look at their political conventions with all them stars and other circus acts. 

Instead of asking for voluntary donations from our poor fake-VAT bill wallahs, why not telecast the convention live on TV and make some dough from sponsors instead?  At least them byaparis can deduct it as expenses and they won’t have to worry about forging another bill.
Even them political cadres get tired listening to the usual rant from their almighties. Why not schedule comedy shows, dance programs and musical acts in between so that we too can watch them and enjoy the circus act? 

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