Saturday, April 8, 2017

Seniority Matters?

It seems that most of us are excited about the upcoming local elections while our corrupt chors in the ruling coalition seem to have other priorities. While we are all looking forward to voting for the best person for the job, our politicians are busy bickering over who gets to be the senior most buffoon after our Emperor.

It seems that our netas and civil servants are not interested to do what's best for the country but only focus on how to bag the most senior position and make some moolah. No wonder, we have boras of cash exchanging hands when it comes to heading our government agencies and some of our netas do have to pay chiya kharcha to other netas to be our mantra as well.

Our incompetent government has not been able to conduct any cabinet meetings for the past three weeks and the reason being that our Home Minister and Deputy Prime Monster Bimalendra Nidhi is not happy with our Emperor. 

It seems that our country can really function without a government and our bureaucracy can do their job without our ministers as well. But of course, our government do not have to worry about what do against Syria, North Korea or ISIS like the Amrikans do. Our government only has to worry about how to stay in power and how to make the Chinese and the Desis happy.

Nidhi was the number two person before Kamal Thapa came along. When our Madhesi parties withdrew from the government, our Emperor asked Thapa to join in the fun but Thapa wanted to be the Deputy Prime Monster and the number two jackass as well. Our politicians don't care if you are the devil and  they will make deals with Satan if that helps them to stay in power.

Our Emperor went to China without even appointing an acting PM. I guess Nidhi wanted to be our acting PM for a week. That didn't happen and Nidhi is still mad at our Emperor because Kamal Thapa gets to be the number two in the government. 

It seems that our netas only care about their ego and want to boast about who is senior to whom in the cabinet and that's all what matters instead of doing their job. Yes, it seems that seniority does matter to our politicians but they don't want to follow the same rule when it comes to our security agencies.

Our Emperor and his cabinet chors have still not been able to decide on whom to appoint the head of our Nepal Police. We have a doctor heading Nepal Police for now and let us all feel sorry for the medicine man. Our buffoons are not worried about the low morale among our security personnel. 

Both Nidhi and Thapa have some things in common. Kamal Dai was once our 
Home Minister during King Gyanu's rule and our security agencies killed protesters and no one was punished. Nidhi is our current Home Minister under our Emperor's rule and our security agencies have also killed protesters recently and no one will be punished for it either. 

I guess, both can boast about the loss of lives while heading the Home Ministry. Nidhi has done a good job as a Home Minister by promoting or transferring his near and dear ones to lucrative postings. And we all know that our Kamal Dai good at minting money when he gets to be a mantri.

Thapa has less than 40 thieves with him in the House while Nidhi is the member of the largest party in the House. But in a few months, King Deuba gets to rule the country and then maybe Nidhi can also be the number two man if he wants.

Our Emperor seems to have lost his magic charm. He is no longer the rebel with a cause. He is now just a puppet who listens to his coalition partners while he has no intention to make any bold decisions for the good of the country. Poor man is really in a dilemma. 

He has already made billions for himself and his son will get to enjoy the ill-gotten riches as well. But we all know that our former rebel chief, and the man who has already become our Prime Monster twice has already seen the writing on the wall.  It's not an easy road ahead for our former rebels turned corrupt clowns. Let us all feel sorry for our comrades. 

Yes, they should be given the credit for making Gyanu Uncle a common citizen. They should be applauded for their role in having a constituent assembly in this land and getting us a new constitution even if it's half-baked. 

The reason we are here today is because of the Maoists but instead of really sticking to their promises, they have failed us all by turning into another one of those mainstream corrupt parties in our land. They can't even take care of their own cadres or the families of those folks who lost their lives thinking that the country would be better off   if they fought against the State. 

But now we know that the so-called leaders were only after power. They talked about inclusiveness, end of caste, gender and ethnic discrimination. But it was only talk and no one seems to walk the walk in this land. Our Emperor knows very well that his cadres are not happy. 

The Mao Inc. now has different factions and they might not even win a handful of seats during the general election. And don't be surprised if they don’t even get ten percent of the votes in our local elections as well. Dear Emperor, you could have been our savior but you just turned out to be another selfish prick who has finally run out of tricks. 

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