Saturday, April 22, 2017

Unification Fever

First of all, let us thank our government for giving us a public holiday on Monday so that our President need not see the traffic jam in the city as she left for India. 

Earlier, we had a King and we had to deal with such nataks but it's been many years since we have become a republic but our freeloaders don't seem to let go of the past and will continue to act like they own this country. And we, the people will continue to act like everything's fine and be miserable and really do nothing to stop the loot.

Yes, our government tells us that our Madame President's vacation to India has been very fruitful. Maybe, our honorable President received a basket full of fruits while she landed in India but for us, it looked liked the Desis were just acting like they had to deal with it and get done with it. 

And we, the people think that it's just a waste of our taxpayers' money. We know very well that our country is not going get any good deals with the Desis. And we have no one but to blame our own civil servants for not doing their homework before meeting the Desis to work out on any deals that will benefit this country. 

It's about time we stopped all foreign visits by our freeloaders because it really does not help our country at all. But of course, what can we do? These buffoons run the show and will continue to enjoy all the state perks while ignoring the needs of our families displaced by the earthquake.

We may have kicked Gyanu Uncle out of the Palace but now we have to deal with our mini-Maharajas who think that it is their right to spend our money on useless foreign visits. When will our politicians learn to be frugal and save us some money? 

Well, they won't and unless we really have honest and competent netas, nothing will change in this beautiful land of ours. And we have been unfortunate so far having had to deal with only chors and con artists who have only enriched themselves while making this country poorer.

It seems that our politicians are now on 'unification' mode. Our six Madhesi parties have decided to unite and form a new political party.  And they no longer call themselves a 'Madhes-only' party. It's a good thing. Let us hope that the 'umbrella' will help us all to protect us from the sun and the rain instead of using it to prick and hit us during bandas and what not.

And Bijaya Gachchhadar has also merged his party with other fringe parties as well. Bijaya Dai has already made enough money to last another three generations. He's been our mantri time and again and he might as well join the government once King Deuba gets back to Baluwatar.

Even our Doctor Saheb is planning to merge his Naya Shakti with the Federalist 
Socialist Forum. Maybe, he can also invite our Bibeksheel wallahs and Sajha Party to go along for the ride as well. 

We all know that this 'unification' nataks among our parties won't work because their main agenda is not do good for the country but how to at least get some votes to have at least a seat in the next general election through the PR system because they know very well that most of them will not be directly elected. And maybe even join the coalition government then, bag a ministry and make some money for oneself and the party as well.

Maybe, we should be like the West. Let's just have two political parties instead. We all know that none of our netas want to compromise and work together to help this land. Instead, we have the left and the right and no one in the center to bring everyone on board.  We have dozens of communist parties. We have another dozen Madhesi parties. Our Congressis and UML know very well that at the end of the day, they will once again get to enjoy the loot.

It's been almost thirty years since we saw starving and broke netas appear in Kathmandu and promise us to build a new Nepal. Since then, we have seen the morons making deals with the mandaleys to stay in power. We have seen the Maoist and their war against the state. 

We have seen the Madhesis and their movement against the state. And it's been more than a decade since our so-called peace agreement between the Maoist and the other parties. Every decade, we see a new movement. 

Maybe it's now time for the people to start a new movement and do away with the corrupt system.  And we do need someone to lead us as well. Maybe, it's time Dhurmus and Suntali not only build homes for the displaced families and the needy. Please lead us to displace the corrupt ones from their homes so that we can finally live in peace and prosper in our motherland.

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